Congress party makes false claim about Supreme Court dismissing a petition by Subramanian Swamy over Rahul Gandhi citizenship

The Congress party on Thursday in a tweet claimed that the Supreme Court has dismissed “ridiculous allegations” by Ministry of Home affairs and senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy regarding the citizenship of Rahul Gandhi. Along with the tweet, the Congress attached a news report from the National Herald. The tweet further says, “It just goes to show that this govt’s campaign of lies will never work in the face of truth.”

However, contrary what the Congress claimed, the petition filed which was dismissed by the Supreme Court was neither filed by Subramanian Swamy nor the Home Ministry had a role in it. The petition was filed by some random people who probably didn’t even have detailed knowledge of the issue. The same was pointed out to the Congress by other users on twitter.

Another twitter user shared a digital copy of the record of proceeding of the said case. The copy clearly shows the name of all the petitioners and Subramanian Swamy was not one of them.

Further the National Herald news report which the Congress had attached with its tweet also says nothing about Subramanian Swamy being a petitioner in the case. Instead it claims that the petitioner were associated with the Hindu Mahasabha.

This is not the first time when Congress party and people associated with it have tried to attribute dismissed cases to Subramanian Swamy.

On 1st of May, Congress spokesperson Shama Mohamed on twitter claimed that a plea against Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s citizenship status filed by Subramanian Swamy, has been dismissed by the Supreme Court. “SC has dismissed @Swamy39’s frivolous citizenship plea against @RahulGandhi ji. However, SC has sent a notice to @ECISVEEP based on @sushmitadevmp’s petition on the inaction by EC on violation of model code of conduct by Modi-Shah. It is BJP who is rattled, not @INCIndia,” she is wrote on twitter.

Her claims were slammed by none other than Subramanian Swamy himself. He challenged her to show concerned documents proving that he was the petitioner of the plea she was talking about. “You are a liar or a mentally retarded. Otherwise produce Court order that shows I filed the case. Or you to have answer PTs on Twitter,” Swamy said in his response.