Congress removes word ‘GAY’ from image in #AbHogaNYAY video campaign

The Indian National Congress (INC) has recently launched a one minute video as part of its NYAY campaign. This video was tweeted by Congress President Rahul Gandhi and has been viral on Twitter, referred with the hashtag, #AbHogaNYAY’.

At 0:42 seconds of this viral video, we can see an image where two youngsters are hugging each other, with an image on the background. The image on the background reads ‘I am here to stay even in jail’.

The original image for this background can be seen below, which was part of a pride march against Article 377 that used to criminalize gay sex in India. The image in the background actually reads, ‘ I AM GAY HERE TO STAY EVEN IN JAIL’.

It is evident from this image and the one used in #AbHogaNYAY campaign by the Indian National Congress, the word ‘GAY’ had been removed in the one minute campaign video.

It is to be noted that the Indian National Congress recently made promises in its manifesto to withdraw the pending Transgender Bill and direct gender sensitivity training in all government offices including the Army and Indian Air Force.

Prominent LGBT activists have pointed out to this promise in the Congress’s manifesto before joining the party. It would be interesting to know how the LGBT community will react to this act of removing the word ‘GAY’ from the #AbHogaNYAY campaign video of the Congress.