Congress slammed by Sridevi fans on Twitter

The entire nation woke up on Sunday morning with saddening news of Sridevi’s sudden demise in Dubai during a wedding ceremony. Social Media platform Twitter is flooding with condolence messages since morning. From President, Prime minister to megastars like Amitabh Bachchan and Rajnikanth to common people, everyone remembered the legendary actress. But even admist these sad times the IT Cell of Congress party somehow managed to embarrass the party yet again.

Like all the other countrymen the Congress party also made a tweet remembering deceased Sridevi. But even in doing so the party couldn’t resist itself from taking a bit of credit out of her career. In its tweet the Congress party mentioned that Sridevi was honored with Padmashri award while UPA was in power.  “We regret to hear about the passing away of Sridevi. An actor par excellence. A legend who will continue to live in our hearts through her stellar body of work.  Our deepest condolences to her loved ones. She was awarded the Padma Shri by the UPA Govt in 2013,” read the tweet.

This kind of politicizing of a legendary actress’s death did not go well with her millions of fans, who slammed the Congress party.

A twitter user taking a jibe at Congress said, that Congress may now even take credit for Sridevi’s birth under its rule and blame BJP for her death. “You could have also mentioned that she was born when Congress Govt was in power and died when BJP govt is in power,” wrote one while another added “I would not be surprised if they extend… she was alive when indira and rajiv were prime ministers but died in modi govt. Shameful.”

However after facing the public backlash, Congress party quickly took off the tweet and replaced it with a new one. This time Congress did not mention anything about Congress or UPA and the tweet was solely focused on Sridevi.