Congress trailing in 30 out of 31 seats where Priyanka Gandhi had campaigned

In this year’s Lok Sabha elections, Congress party had introduced Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s sister Priyanka Gandhi as a trump card. Congress had hoped that the introduction of Priyanka will inject new life and enthusiasm into the Congress cadre and while it seemed to be doing so initially, the emerging facts and figures have a completely different story to tell.

Priyanka Gandhi was given special responsibility of the Eastern part of India’s largest province Uttar Pradesh. As part of her campaign, she visited 31 constituencies. And of these 31, Congress is trailing in 30.

Out of the 31 seats where Priyanka Gandhi campaigned, BJP is leading in 26, BSP in 3, Apna Dal in 1 and Congress in 1. Apart from raising bitter questions at the leadership qualities of Rahul Gandhi, this elections have also raised questions at Priyanka, whom many were believing to be the future leader of Congress Party.