Congress wants to resort to paper ballots: regression over transparency?

After much heated discourse on wether the results provided by the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) can be trusted with, the Congress party has finally voiced their opinions out loud strongly admonishing the Election Commission to revert back to the practice of using paper ballots.

Congress alongside the support of other political parties, has alleged that the election results as produced by the EVMs, have often been tampered with, consequently leading to lack of credibility and more of contrivance!

The fervent arguments were put across at the recent Congress Plenary Session, held after eight years, where the party beseeched the EC, stating that in order to restore the integrity and credibility of the entire electoral process, the old practice of using paper ballots must be revived.

Owing to the “fervid squabble” a resolution was also moved in this regard in the recent 84th plenary session. Although the Election Commission has constantly defended the voting machines, insisting them to be tamper proof and reliable, the apprehension of varied political parties surpassed it this time. Last year, the Congress had even approached the Supreme Court requesting that at least 25 percent of the paper audit trials be seperately counted in Gujrat elections. The court however had turned down the plea.

The Congress isn’t the only party urging the reintroduction of paper ballots. BSP(Bahujan Samaj Party) chief Mayawathi was the first to raise allegations against EVMs rigging votes in the 2017 UP elections, where she had to loose by a great margin of seats.

Senior Congress leader, Kapil Sibal, supported his arguments owing to the manipulation technology can do and the lack of transparency that EVMs have brought in. Sibal also went on disparaging the RSS ideologies stating that the RSS has infested the entire political system of the country and ”BJP is the B team of RSS”.

Akhilesh Yadav, cheif of the Samajwadi Party, had also recently addressed his apprehensions on the use of EVMs in the recent UP elections hinting at the use of defective machines purposely, to slow down voting at the booths of certain districts where his party was expected to do well but couldn’t.