Construction of first Hindu temple in Islamabad stalled after opposition from religious fundamentalists

A week after the foundations of first Hindu temple in Pakistani capital of Islamabad were laid, the construction has now been halted. The move is a result of pressure applied by various political groups who have described the construction as an “unIslamic” act.

At first objections were raised by a Lahore based Islamic institution named Jamia Asharfia who issued a fatwa saying that Islam allows protection and management of religious places belonging to other faiths but prohibits construction of a new place of worship for the followers of other religion than Islam.

At least one person has moved the Islamabad High Court seeking revocation of permission for construction of the Krishna temple in Pakistan. The argument is the same as detailed in the fatwa. Additionally, the petitioner has sought to know whether the government had clearly stated that the concerned land in H-9 area was reserved for a Hindu temple at the time of its acquisition.

Meanwhile, Pakistani politician and current Speaker of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi also raised his voice against the construction of the Hindu temple.

In a video interview, he strongly opposed making of the temple saying it is not only against the spirit of Islam but is also an insult to the ‘state of Madinah’.

On June 24, after 73 years of the inception of Pakistan, the minority Hindus living there got the news of the construction of the first temple and crematorium in the capital city of Islamabad.

Allowing them to offer prayers, without having to travel out of this city anymore.

A simple groundbreaking ceremony was held in Islamabad’s H-9 sector area, allocating at least 4 Kanal land for the construction of the first proper Hindu temple of the capital.

Parliamentary Secretary on Human Rights Lal Chand Malhi, performed the ceremony. He said the Hindu population in the capital has been increasing considerably in the past two decades, making it important to make a temple for them to worship in.