The Controversial deaths happening after J Jayalalithaa’s demise, Who is behind it all?

J Jayalalithaa, a well known politician from Tamil Nadu, never preferred to come under Media’s scanner. Right from her cinema days she kept herself a distance from the limelight. Many of her critics have confided that even her party men were denied permission to meet her at many instances. The sad undisclosed part of her dark side still continues even after six months after her death.

Right from day one of her hospitalization, people in Tamil Nadu were left in the dark as to what happened to her health. They were confused by two different statements, one from her party loyalists and other from the official Apollo Hospital spokesperson; where she was admitted. The general public were not convinced by both the statements and the mystery behind her 75 days of hospitalization is yet to be unraveled.

Sasikala, who started her career as a Video cassette vendor,  showed her domination in both the party as well as government. This lead her to bring her whole family to Poes Garden, the adobe of J Jayalalithaa.

Her influence was visible right from helping Jayalalithaa in appointment of party-men to the key party posts and running the entire household of Poes Garden. Political magazines used to quote that Sasikala even played a major role in nomination of candidates to Member of Parliament (MP) and Member of Legislative (MLA) Elections. In short, we can call her the underworld link behind the one of the most influential persons of India.

Former filmstar and powerful regional politician Jayaram Jayalalitha (C), leader of the opposition AIADMK party alliance, arrives with her companion Sasikala Natarajan (L) and an unidentified woman at a polling booth in Madras, May 10, 2001. Though polling for the state assembly was largely peaceful in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, violence plagued elections in India’s insurgency-hit state of Assam.

It is worthy to note that Sasikala and her family were expelled from Jayalalithaa’s home as well as from party posts twice, in 1996 and 2011. The recent Judgment on the disproportionate assets case says that the relation between J Jayalalithaa and Sasikala was not mutual but it was made on mutual conspiracy.

Recently the watchman in Kodanadu Estate and Properties, which was jointly owned by J Jayalalithaa and Sasikala, was killed. As FIR says, it was an attempt to rob possessions from the estate that cost the life of the watchman Om Bahadur. Police have traced ex-driver of Jayalalithaa, Kanagaraj, as the main man behind the attempted robbery in Kodanadu Estate.

The mystery in this case clouds up when Kanagaraj, suddenly died in an accident, after he decided to surrender voluntarily in Pollachi. Eyewitness of this accident, says Kanagaraj was hit and run by a luxury car. In recent findings, police have suspected the involvement of MLA Aarukutty (AIADMK) in connection to the hit and run case.

More shocking twists emerge when Sayan, a friend of Kanagaraj, also met with a similar accident near Palghat but by a lorry tanker. Kerala Police found wounds were visible in the neck of his wife and daughter. So they filed an FIR, which says it as an attempt to murder rather than an accident.

Currently Sayan is the only person who knows the conspiracy behind what really happened in Kodanadu. He is currently under treatment in Coimbatore. Both Tamilnadu and Kerala Police are investing the case. We have also learnt from media sources that while there was an attempt to rob the properties of Jayalalitha, a fire accident occurred in Siruthavur bungalow of J Jayalalithaa at the same time.

Incidents after incidents are happening day by day. As we all aware that there is no legal heir for J Jayalalitha, people strongly believe it was Sasikala and her team who were behind this mystery. The ruling government keep informing the people that they are running the state as per the guidance of J Jayalalithaa. Isn’t it their duty to properly investigate the case as this will be the great salutation to their leader?

These are some unanswered questions that are yet to be answered in these series of murders that are occurring in the state after J Jayalalithaa’s death:-

  1. Why did J Jayalalithaa induct Sasikaa for for the third time in 2011?
  2. What happened to J Jayalalithaa before her hospitalization, after her hospitalization and how did she die?
  3. Why government is afraid to release the health report of J Jayalalithaa to the people of Tamil Nadu?
  4. Why did Sasikala show so much eagerness towards becoming the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu?
  5. Many senior leaders are there in the AIADMK party to succeed Sasikala, why did she appointed her nephew Dinakaran as her successor at the time of her arrest?
  6. Why the O Paneerselvam team is afraid to show the proof behind their leader’s health, as they said they posses some documents to support their words?
  7. What is the conspiracy that lies behind Sasikala? Even the O Paneerselvam team is also not interested to take this issue.Why?

It is equally the responsibility of both the sects of the AIADMK party to un-box the mysteries surrounding J Jaylalithaa and her aides. Hopefully these cases won’t be taken as same as normal cases where the case files are closed without finding the results. People are very much depressed over the mysteries evolve around J Jayalalithaa’s health as well as her properties and they are eagerly waiting to hear the bells that rang to end the conspiracy.