Controversial Pakistani celebrity accuses country’s army and ISI of being involved in drug racket and sexual exploitation

Controversial Pakistani celebrity Ali Saleem who is known for playing Begum Nawazish Ali has stirred hornet’s nest by levelling serious allegations against the country’s army and ISI in a viral video. Ali has always been associated with various controversies.

in his video message he accused Pakistani armed forces of being involved in drug racket and sexual exploitation. Ali Saleem took to Facebook to share the video containing all the allegations, which in no time became a viral.

“I am going to speak the truth. There is no force on this earth that can stop me anymore. I am on fire,”, Ali Saleem starts the message saying these words. And claiming as it is the month of Ramadan he will speak only the truth.

“Since I am a crossdresser and a little effeminate, they have tried to make me a pimp. They thought that I would provide them with girls. They exploit Pakistani girls, I have messages to show for evidence,” revealed Ali accusing the army.

He appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to invite him to the Supreme Court under full protection so he can reveal every detail, along with the evidence.

He went on accusing the director Nadeem Baig of sexually exploiting him and said he sexually exploited him when they were in Mumbai even though he thought that the two of them were good friends. Further, he alleged about being molested at the age of 8 by an army soldier. He has put himself available for any investigation.