Controversial TMC leader Anubrata Mondal seeks EC permission to manage 500-600 votes per booth

Putting his party in an embarrassing position once more, controversial Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Anubrata Mondal during a public meeting sought permission from the election commission to  “manage” 500-600 votes per booth.

Mondal went on to add that the EC officials can take help from TMC block presidents while discharging their duty and the party will extend its full support but in exchange, he and his people should also be allowed to do “their jobs.” The opposition has been left fuming over the comments with the BJP writing a letter to the EC for his speech.

“This is a very important election and everyone has to be responsible. And I request all the Presiding officers to make way for TMC to register poll votes with folded hands,” Mondal said.

Mondal also said, “There is nothing to be scared of. I will ask Pralay (Pralay Nayek, district president of Trinamul teachers’ cell) to give you the (phone) numbers of respective block committee presidents. If you face any convenience, I will be responsible.”

However later retracting from his remarks, he tried to present a different interpretation of his statement. “I actually meant mock votes when I said ‘polled votes’. I have requested them (teachers) to allow us to cast 500-600 mock votes,” he later said.

Mondal is well known for making controversial and provocative statements. From asking to bomb the police to threatening the opposition parties, the list goes long.