Corona is here, what’s next? 5Ws and 1H

Approximately 70 days have passed since the lockdown was first imposed, not a single day has gone without pondering on “how many people have sacrificed their lives in our country and abroad.” Corona has injected itself into our country and I believe that we all are ready to fight against this virus. Coronavirus has apparently made it crystal clear that survival is going to be a difficult task in these times and only the fittest maybe able to pass through this.

I think it is apt to say that COVID-19 is not a pandemic but it’s an everyday pain which is dynamic. It is needless to say that economically we have suffered a major blow. My city, Surat – the diamond and textile hub is shattered right now. But I’m of the firm faith that very soon, it will regain its usual economic pace with a bang in the market.

I would like to share my views on the current situation and on on how we are going to make a comeback in 5W’s & 1H i.e. Who, What, When, Why, Where & How.

Who has played a major role in our city city and the country???

– By looking around, I can say that Police, Doctors, SMC Workers have played a major role in our city and are still fighting for us. Even some of the NGOs, numbered 575 approx, working under the guidance of our city Collector & other members have managed to provide 3,000 grain kits per day to the people. Till the date of this writing, they have distributed almost 6,00,683 food packets to the needy people and still continuing with their work. It is really heartening to hear that such real heroes are amongst us only. We should appreciate and salute this selfless work.

! What is the purpose of NGOs behind helping

– I feel that NGOs have no ulterior motives or selfish purpose behind this work. They are working only for the humanity and well being of the society in this hour of endless suffering. The work of these people is commendable. We must say that these NGOs truly understand the suffering of the people and work for them without expecting any profits.

When did these organisation started to work for the people???

– From the very second day of lockdown, all these NGOs, social activists and other institutions started playing their roles to help the needy people. Not only these
organisation but also Police, Doctors & SMC workers had started their work in a very effective manner for the society.

Why is there such panic amongst the

– One thing that many are having difficulties in understanding that why are all these migrant workers going on a rampage from one place to another? I don’t really comprehend why these migrants are having a fear of life because of COVID-19, although the government, social activists, some organisation, sports stars, Bollywood celebs and some major corporate owners have stepped up to provide fulfill basic needs such as money, food packets, grain kits, transportation facilities, etc to help the persons who are in need. Wouldn’t it be better for them and their families if they stay back at where they are? The governments and other bodies should explain them things will get back to normal as this bad time passes by and that they must exihibit some patience.

Where you can keep yourself safe???

– If we look around, we all
know it very well that our home is one of the foremost safe and secured place to be free from this virus. Think for a
moment that if you avoid social gatherings for just few months, then you will be safe, your locality will be safe, our city will be safe and ultimately our country will be free from this

How will you keep motivated yourself???

Simple thing to motivate yourself is to believe that “I’m Safe means my family is safe”. I will not let this virus to rule over my country. I will come out with a positive development in myself by the end of this lockdown period. Together, we all
can stood-up very strong. I think we all must keep a positive attitude to our society and towards our life.