A Corrupt TTE Asked For Extra Money from a Man, He Tweeted to Suresh Prabhu and Then This Happened

A Corrupt TTE Asked For Extra Money from A Man, He Tweeted to Suresh Prabhu and Then This Happened

Source: The Lotpot

This is the change Railways has got under the leadership of Suresh Prabhu- One Tweet mentioning the complaint against a Corrupt TTE who was asking for money for a seat- And he got suspension orders without losing time.

Govind Parmar who was travelling in the Indian Railway Coach number S6-  to Bikaner in Kalka express on Saturday, observed that the TTE was taking money from the passengers for allotting seat to them.

Govind observed that no body asked for the receipt for the money they were giving to the TTE, but Govind asked for the receipt and got nothing. When he asked the TTE Shyampal repeatedly about the receipt, TTE said “We are going to Bikaner together and he will give the receipt in between”.

After some time- Before reaching Jodhpur- Govind thought of complaining and he marked the Twitter handles of Ministry of Railways, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) Jodhpur.

With in few minutes of the complaint, he got the reply from the Ministry of Railways that his complaint has been forwarded to DRM’s office..

That was it. In a matter of a few minutes, the DRM spoke with Govind and Vigilance Officer Mukesh Gehlot boarded the train at Jodhpur station.

The TTE was removed from the Train at Merta station- and the Power of social media and”Twitter Governance of Suresh Prabhu” again came to the limelight.

Kudos to such a Civilian who made a complaint- and to such a minister who took such swift action.