Coward Kashmiri Rioters Using Women and Kids as Shield as they cannot face Brave Army

We have seen coward Kashmiri Stone pelting crowd. Their favorite sport seems to be stone pelting. These separatist seem to be so eager to merge Kashmir into Pakistan. They did not realize this, when they threw Pandits out of the valley.

Now, when Brave Army is using Pallet Guns to teach these stone pelting morons a lesson for lifetime, these cowards are now making their Women and Children to come forward. It was the same Indian army, which saved these morons in floods last year and now, these womens and even children’s are up with stones to harm our brave Indian Army. Some are even dressed as women so that they can throw stone and Army will not fire pallets on them

They call themselves Separatist, at least have courage to face the army and keep your women and children away.

Here are few pics and Video


Here is the Full Video

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