CPI(M) to organize Ramayana observance month

In the year 2015, Alapuzha MLA Thomas Issac suggested that there was a need to celebrate Sri Krishna Jayanthi, in order to counter the RSS’s tactics of using communalism as a political tool.

“Parents love to see their kids dressed like Lord Krishna, we are only giving them an opportunity to do it, and there Is nothing wrong in that. Some local committees in Kannur are encouraging it, there is nothing wrong. We have told those local committees there is nothing wrong in it. When the BJP used such occasions to further their communal agenda, we need to counter it.”, he said in an interview to The News Minute.

Now CPI(M) has decided to dedicate itself to the Malayalam month of Karkidakkam (July 17 to August 16), which is observed as a month dedicated to Ramayana. The Ramayana observance month will be organized by the Sanskrit Sangh on behalf of the party.

The party has reportedly lined up several events to mark the occasion. The programme includes seminars and lectures explaining the social background of Ramayana. Writer and critic Sunil P Ilayidom will reportedly deliver talks. Booth-level conventions to explain the contemporary significance of Ramayana are also on cards.