In a press conference which was scheduled yesterday from Kolkatta, Left Front chairman Biman Bose suggested that they are not in  alliance with Congress but clearly it is an understanding between both the parties.The implied understanding between the two parties is to clear out Trinamool Congress (TMC) from West Bengal in the 2016 assembly elections. Biman Bose went on to suggest that “Front, alliance and understanding are not the same thing”

Very often we find Indian politicians fail to remember the commitment they made to the public, fail to recall the ideologies that their parties stands for and on certain occasions even fail to identity who their party workers are. But unfortunately, politicians of West Bengal’s Congress division have failed to remember that nearly 60,000 Congress party workers have been killed in the state from 1977 to 2011 during CPI(M)’s 34 year rule. This statistics literally translates into – One Congress worker had been killed by a CPI(M) goon in every four hours“.

One of the most gruesome political murders which happened in Indian history was the “Sainbari massacre” in Burdwan town. Rekharani Sain, wife of a Congress worker Nabakumar Sain, witnessed the most horrific scenes on March 17, 1970. CPM goons barged into her house, gouged the eyes out of her husband by pouring acid and slaughtered both her brother-in-laws (Malay and Pranab) in broad daylight. If this was not enough, The killers also smeared the blood of one of her brothers-in-law on the forehead of her widowed mother-in-law thus making the old lady lose her mind.

According to eyewitnesses, the murderers included Benoy Konar (he was a three time CPI(M) MLA later), Nirupam Sen (he became the industries minister later) and Anil Bose (he went on to get elected to the Lok Sabha seven times from 1984 to 2004 before being expelled from the CPI(M) in 2012). This massacre shocked the Nation so much so that the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi traveled all the way to Burdwan in order to console the family.

Unfortunately it has been 46 years since then and Rekharani has not yet got a closure for this case. Apart from her there are thousands of such cases where wives and husbands have lost their loved ones and mothers have forgone their children during the CPI(M) rule. Ironically in most cases the victim is a Congress worker. But now in an unprecedented move Congress has decided to bury its hatchet with CPI(M) and fight elections together.

We have seen on several occasions Sitaram Yetchury and Rahul Gandhi criticizing the BJP on their alliance with PDP in Jammu & Kashmir. The accusation here is to target BJP’s shift in ideological stand. But with the coming together of Congress and CPI(M) in West Bengal, Congress stands answerable to several thousands victims who perished in a bid to save their expired ideology.

To sum it all up in two points:

1) In Kerala, two endangered parties, CPI(M) and Congress are fighting against each other on the pretext of solar scam tainted CM Oomen Chandy.

2) In West Bengal, two endangered parties, CPI(M) and Congress are fighting polls together in bid to combine their vote-banks against an unperturbed TMC.