Why Cracker Sale Ban Only During Diwali, Why Not Throughout The Year

We all Indians are against the pollution caused in any forms. We should consider what kind of environment we want to give our next generations. But at the same time we are against the hypocrisy of the judgements and the way India has been dealing with Hindu Festivals.

Supreme Court on Monday banned the sale of fireworks ahead of the annual Diwali festival on October 19 in Delhi and in the National Capital Region (NCR). The SC simultaneously suspended all licenses issued by the Delhi Police to shopkeepers that allowed them to sell fireworks. If at a certain moment of time let us agree Crackers are banned, then why ban them only during Diwali and why not throughout the year.

Crackers are not only used during Diwali, but during Marriages, New Year, Christmas, Elections and Public events. Why just ban it during Diwali. Doesn’t it show the hypocrisy and a force towards trying to Dominate Hindu Festival and Culture.

Crackers bursted in a Cinema Hall Movie Theatre, this is not during Diwali but during Salman Khan Entry. Did any one complain about Crackers and suggested to Ban Crackers.

When Congress won elections they bursted Crackers in front to front RSS Head Quarter in Nagpur. Did Supreme Court  think about pollution during this time. May be Pseudo Liberals worry about Pollution only during Diwali.

Even if Indian Cricket Team wins a match there are Crackers bursted but no one talks about pollution because it does not hurt the Pseudo Secular sentiments of the people. Hurting the Hindu Sentiments is much important.