Why Crackers Could Just Be An Excuse Of Breaking India Lobby In Attempt To Destroy Hindu Tradition

by Shiva Jangid

We all need to stand together…!!!

Crackers are Just Excuse.

Next game is very much on their cards eg. Chat Pooja, Cremating which is very much part of our Culture, Even Hawn during Marriage is very much on their cards in name of Jamat-E-Pollution.

Dahihandi & Jallikattu has already targeted by this Ecosystem.

Its a well established Ecosystem setup during a period of time & working as #BreakingIndia by targetting its culture & its practice in name of pollution & other excuse. But at same time… All Jamat-E-Ecosystem become a mute Spectator when it comes to Pollution & other issue of Other side, Even start defending them by playing ever Best Minority Victim Card.
They even enjoy Drinks, Crackers om New Year but have problems with Diwali…!!!

Before every Hindu/Indian culture festivals “They” activate in various manner.

Same way There was a interfare in Jain tradition Santhara.

Before Rakshabandhan, “They” do start campaign against it, Same with Karwa chauth, start campaign eg. Barkha Begam tweet etc.

Millions of chemical waste from Industry is ignored by them & “They” target Chatt Pooja & blame our Bihari Brothers and sisters rituals for pollution.

Its not a matter of crackers over pollution, becz 1 day crackers Ban is just a fuss, if you care about environment & ignore millions Rupees of fuel burning out evrey day on roads of India.

They are so cheap & double standard that in dinner they do have Chicken, Mutton & Next Day in morning show talk about how much she love Animal specially Dogs on live show.
Recent Example:

*There is not a Single case that a Sikh has attacked any innocent person with Kirpan unlike #DriveLessTruck still Anti Hindu Congress has banned Kirpan carrying by a Sikh persons in Bengaluru.
*Target Kawariya on noise pollution issue.
*Target Ganesh Chaturthi on immersion issue in river.
* Target south culture eg. Jallikattu, East Culture by targetting Durga Pooja, North by targetting Kawariya, West by taking on Dandiya & Jain festivals.

We all have to take a stand together, No matter its a Bengaluru case where Sikhs has banned for carry Kirpan, or any other cases…!!! Its a fight of every Nationalist, Proud Indian against “Them”, who are well funded by Petro dollars, have strong grip in Media, Bollywood & among players.


Its not a fight for Diwali,Its a fight between “EstabilshedAntiIndianCultureEcosystem” & us.

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