Why Create ‘False Revolutionaries’: JNU Alumni’s Letter to ‘Upholder of Women Dignity’ Mr Kanhaiya !!

Why Creating ‘False Revolutionaries’ : JNU Alumni's Open Letter to the ‘Upholder of Women Dignity’ Mr Kanhaiya !!

This spring will be known for open letters. Everyone, starting from renowned TV anchors to common students has been expressing their thoughts, concerns and fears through open letters to Modi, Irani, Ravish Kumar and many more. I also want to use this mean to give some ventilation to my grieving heart. I am writing this letter because I am disheartened to see the way twist and turns are given to JNU case. I am dejected and pained to see how my JNU community has ganged up to create false revolutionary. I am writing this letter to JNUSU president Mr Kanhaiya and other JNUites who are hell bend to portray him as the ‘Bhagat Singh’ of this century.

I am eligible to write this letter because I have an ugly encounter with this newly found Che Guevara of JNU and therefore I know his real face which I should definitely expose. I had my first and may be last encounter with this moron known as Kanahiya (the president of JNUSU) in June last year when he was urinating on road in JNU campus. When I objected, instead of saying sorry he not only shouted at me but also threatened me of dire consequence and suggested that I should take psychiatrist help. Being a JNUite, I filed a complained against him with JNU proctor office in June 2015. After enquiry, Chief Proctor and Vice- Chancellor of JNU found his behavior “So unbecoming of a JNU student” and fined Rs. 3000. Given this background, I have strong reasons to ask few questions to Kanahiya and his followers. However, before saying anything, I want to clarify that I was a student of JNU for 7 years and I have been associated with this institution for past 11 years. I respect this institution for its progressive culture. I appreciate JNU’s culture of debate and dialogue. I have learnt a lot at this utopian world. With this disclaimer, I would like to ask following equations.

• Mr Kanhiya talks about his fight for “Dignity of Women” in his post-9th February speech which was published in Economic and Political Weekly. I want to ask, do you really understand the D for Dignity of a female Mr. Kanhiya? Unzipping your private part in public and urinating on road—Are these your revolutionary tools to uphold a female’s dignity. When you were requested by a female not to urinate on road (as you were close enough to use a toilet, with a friend with a car to drive you there), you shouted at her, threatened her to shut up, called her by names, insulted her and asked her to go to mental hospital to treat herself (which shows this act of public urination and uncovering your private part on road is completely normal for you), Is this the way you uphold a female’s dignity?

• You claimed that public urination and Sutta Pina (public smoking) as your freedom right. So these are your notion and understanding of right to freedom? This underlines shallowness of your political and revolutionary ideology. Please update your definition of Revolution and freedom. Freedom is not just about “Urination on Road” and ‘Smoking in No Smoking Zone’.

• In your speech, you informed that you came from a very poor family where your mother’s monthly salary is 3000 rs per month. So Mr. Revolutionary! Do you really value her struggle?? You spend 3000 bucks as fine for ‘Public Urination’ and “harassing and threatening a girl’! Stop making a hue and cry about poverty of your family when you don’t even value their struggle. I also belong to a poor family. My mother has worked as an agriculture labourer for raising me and my 4 other siblings. I know what does “Dignity of female means.” We females, struggle at every step to uphold our dignity. When I see a male urinating in public place, I feel unsafe for me and my fellow females (forget about hygiene). I have seen how females are being molested on the pretext of public urination. This is what I tried to explain to you when your fragile male ego got hurt.

• When I am writing all this, I am not justifying, Government’s move. However “Criticizing Government” and “portraying Kanhiya as revolutionary like Bhagat Singh” are two different cases. I am very disappointed the way politics is being done. As VC and Chief Proctor addressed him, He is so unlike JNU student, such a hypocrite and opportunist politician. Many newspaper and news channels come up with Kanhiya’s family background and his school time pictures with Comrade Bardhan to show his life time commitment for communist ideology. Do you really understand “What is communist Ideology about gender equality?” I come from communist family. My brother Late Com. Rajender Ghira was active member of CPM, Haryana. I was associated with student movement in JNU. I have witnessed how JNU student movement is committed to the issue of “Gender Justice”. I have closely observed How CPM members like Comrade Jagmati Sangwan, Comrade Phool Singh, Master Sher Singh, Styapal Siwach are fighting for Gender Justice in patriarchal society of Haryana?

And then I faced the wrath of a public urinating male chauvinist like you in JNU who claims himself a revolutionary! I could not find any trace of communism ideology in your behavior.
I am shocked to see how a misogynist Like Kanhaiya is being hailed as Revolutionary.

People (JNUites and outside JNU)! Do criticize government; do criticize his arrest, but why to create fake sympathies by discussing his family background and by sharing his childhood pictures with Comrade Bardhan? What is the urgency of creating false revolutionaries? Please consider ‘what kind of message you are giving’! Keep your rationality intact.

Kamlesh Narwana

Ex-JNU Student
Assistant Professor
Institute of Home Economics
Delhi University