#CrimesOfNDTV Trends on Twitter: These TOP Tweets Explain Why NDTV is Criminal

Crimes of NDTV image 1

NDTV, one of the most famous news channels, at a time, is now one of the least watched TV channels in India. Their TRP has fallen so much that they are now forced to go from premium channel to free to air. This means that they are willing to lose the revenue they would get when viewers paid to have their channel. Just like Congress is dying slowly but steadily, NDTV is dying too. All because of the #CrimesOfNDTV.

Yesterday, in a debate with Arun Jaitley, NDTV’s Prannoy Roy actually asked Arun Jaitley to censor the internet to protect NDTV. This comes after patriots on the internet worked together to ensure that the government does not do any contract with NDTV. Arun Jaitley told him to his fact to either ignore or digest it but there would be no censorship.

The direct attack on Patriotic Tweeples did not go well with Twitter as Twitter is now trending #CrimesOfNDTV and showing them their face.

Here are the top tweets from this trend:









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