Criminals in UP begging for mercy on the streets

Lucknow: In what can be called a success of Yogi Adityanath government, criminals in Uttar Pradesh are now begging for mercy on the streets.

Two dangerous criminals named Salim Ali and Irshad Ahmed were spotted walking around the Kairana town, begging for their life. The two criminals who are accused in several murder and loot cases were reportedly scared that they may be next in the long list of police encounters in UP. The accused had placards with themselves saying, “I will not get involved in any crime in future and will work hard to earn money through fair means. Please forgive us.” They also submitted an affidavit to SP Ajay Pal Sharma with the same pledge.

“We want to turn away from crime for good though there are several cases registered against us at the Shamli and Kairana police stations. We do not want to be hunted down like other criminals. We want to live peacefully with our families,”Salim said.

Kairana station officer Bhagwat Singh said, “These two face nine cases of loot and murder each. They came out on bail a month ago.” SP Sharma said, “Salim and Irshad did meet me. It’s good if they are turning away from crime. It is for their own good. Our main goal is to ensure criminals leave a life of crime. Their pledge is a clear reflection of the fear of police, which is required for maintaining law and order. We will keep a close watch on them in any case.”

SP Sharma has earned the reputation of being an encounter specialist after gunning down more than dozen criminals in past six months. His growing popularity can be guessed from the fact that recently at an event DGP OP Singh asked him, “Aaj toh koi encounter nahi kiya? (No encounter today?)”