What Crowd Said When PM Modi Asked “Who Will Protect Me?” Will Leave You Speechless – Click To Watch Video

A master of words, Prime Minister Narendra Modi knows the art of how to make personal connect with his audience. At a rally in Fatehpur, Modi was seen doing the same once again. Modi, urging for people’s support in style, said: “The people who were selling them on the black market, won’t they come after me? Won’t they punish me? Who will protect me?”.  “We will, we will,” the crowd roared back, some of the young pounding the air with their fists. He continued: “And when they come for me, when they work to defeat me, who will protect me?” he asked. Through row after row, in a body electric, the answer rang out: “we will, we will.”

Pitching up his ‘Sabka Sath Sabka Vikaas’ catchphrase, Modi said that there shouldn’t be any discrimination on basis of caste and religion. “Sabka saath, sabka vikas is our mantra”, PM Modi said. “Ramzan me bijli athi hai tho Diwali me bhi ani chahiye; Bhedbhav nhi hona chahiye (If there is electricity during Ramadan then it must be available during Diwali too; there shouldn’t be any discrimination)” the prime minister added. “If there is a Kabaristaan, there should be Shamshaan too” Modi said. The PM said that he is confident of getting a victory in UP. “The glow has disappeared from Akhilesh Yadav’s face, his voice has become feeble, he is afraid and looking for right words while talking to media,” he said, adding that the SP chief has “accepted that he has lost the game”.

Source Financial Express