Curfew In Mehsana, 500 Detained In Surat As Patel Protesters, Police Clash

Patel Protests Gujarat image 1

Clashes broke out in Mehsana town today between the police and protestors from the Patiday community. In the clashes, at least two dozen people were injured and around 500 people have been detained by Gujarat police. This may be the revival of the quota agitation by a limited segment of Patel community led on by Hardik Patel.

The government has proactively suspended mobile internet services in the Surat, Mehsana and in Ahmedabad in order to prevent the protest from getting out of hand.

The protestors had initially seeked permission from the police to do a rally demanding release of Hardik Patel from Jail. After the request was denied, the protest was carried out anyway and violence broke out. Police have now imposed a curfew in Mehsana where the violence broke out. Few patidar leaders including prominent Patidar community leader Lalji Patel was among those injured according to reports.

In the protest, approximately 5000 protestors had gathered in Mehsana. They started throwing stones at the police when the police blocked the rally. After the protestors got violent, the police responded with more than a dozen tear-gas shells. The police later charged with batons resulting in injury to several violent protestors. Due to the stone pelting, few policemen were also injured. Police had to resort to similar actions in the city of Surat too.