Cyber War Begins : Indian Warriors hacked 250 Pakistani Websites to avenge 1 Hack by Pakistanis

In a First of Its Kind Response, Within hours of Pakistani hackers attacking the official website of Kerala Government on Sunday, ‘cyber warriors’ on this side of the border launched a counter attack and hacked nearly 250 ‘enemy websites’ triggering a full-fledged cyber war.
Indian hackers started the couter attack, ‘#OpPak’, in response to the defacing of, and broke into more than 200 Pakistan websites, including Pak President’s official website; Sate Development Organisation; and The twitter handle of Indian Hacking News called the operation a ‘massive payback’, and claimed that the ‘desi’ hackers would bring Pak cyberspace to a standstill.

Indian  hackers seem to have launched a concerted counter attack, in response to a call for revenge. “If the government can’t do it, we would do it. We are here to defend India, non-profit. They hacked our government site, and we knocked Pakistan offline,” claimed a message from ‘Hell Shield Hackers’.

The unofficial cyber war between the two countries began in 2010, and is waged by ‘patriotic hackers’ on both sides, every day,” said cyber security expert Benild Joseph.