Dabang Tweet by Uttar Pradesh Police

In the style of a dialogue from the Bollywoood movie of Salman Khan Dabangg, on the UP Police’s account, “Today we will make such blockade on the roads today that you will confuse where to enter and run from where!” Every year there are reports of traffic violations during festival and New Year celebration environment.

The UP Police has done this unique camping due to the warning of the police administration and not being influenced by people, even when the security force is deployed in place. The UP Police will place a blockade on the spot with the changing of the traffic route. However, the manner in which UP Police promoted this campaign on social media is quite interesting.

With the campaign of Do not Drink and Drive, UP Police has shared a poster on its Twitter account, which says, ‘Will not welcome 2018? But just take care of it. ‘ Tell us that Salman Khan played the role of an officer of the UP police in Dabangg. The new year’s preparations are on the horizon, but the celebration of the festival is not bad, the UP Police has started a unique campaign. Under this, the UP Police will block the place by blocking the traffic congestion and traffic rules. The information given by the UP Police is provided by the UP Police through Twitter and there is a warning as well as cautioning the traffic rules in the ‘Dabangg’ manner.

Source: News Track