Dark Secret Of The Female Genital Mutilation In Mumbai

The Female Genital Mutilation commonly known as FGM, is a Muslim practice in which some or entire external portions of the Female Genitalia is removed and the genitalia is sewn. It is believed that the practice is mostly prevalent in Africa and Middle East, but shockingly the practice is also practiced in India as well.

There is a sect, right in the heart of the commercial capital of the country who are openly practicing the evil and barbaric practice, till date. Performing the Khatna (FGM) is an integral part of the Bohra community of Mumbai. Those who do not wish to make their daughters go through the pain of Khatna (FGM), face a boycott and backlash from the other members of the Bohra Society.

Bohras who are known to be an otherwise progressive Muslim community are very secretive and closed to the other people. The Khatna or the Female Genital Mutilation is still an integral part of the Bohra community. The Bohra’s believe the clitoris hood to be an unnecessary part of the body as they call it “Haram Ki Boti (Flesh of Sin), and prefer to cut it out. The main reason behind the practice is to control the sexuality of Women. The Khatna (FGM) Is mostly done by the untrained elder women’s of the society, under unhygienic conditions. The ritual is mostly carried out using Blades and Knifes.

Now a voice among the Bohra community is rising against the practice as they are collecting signatures from the members of the community. Many people in the community are against the practice but do not have the guts to speak against it openly. Those Bohras who are against the practice are now planning to present their cause in-front of the Government.

The government must act against the practice and it should be banned we believe. It is a barbaric practice which needs to be crushed for good. We already know that FGM is being practiced in Kerala and in Mumbai. It possible that the practice is being practiced secretly in other parts of the country as well. According to a clinic in Kerala which performs the FGM, the practice is prevalent in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Coimbatore and Chennai. They further added that the Clinics in Bengaluru charge as much as 28,000 for performing the FGM, as they said in a sting operation conducted by a private agency.

One thing is clear that the problem is much bigger and deeper than it first seemed to be. There are thousands of people in this country who still not only believe in regressive practices like FGM but they actually are ready to spend thousands for it. We have long been denying the fact about FGM, but denying is certainly not the solution. The solution is to track down the secret taboo practice and crush it totally.

In this digital age, nothing is a secret. Be it today or tomorrow but the world will eventually get to know about FGM being practiced in India and it won’t be shocking if we find out that it being practiced in a much bigger scale than first thought to be. The world will look at us with the same eyes they look at towards the Islamic Fundamentalist countries. We the people of India, to save the image of our country must act against the practice before its too late.

And the best way to act is to help those brave Bohra women who have shown the guts to stand up against the evils of the society. Those women have shown great strength by standing up against FGM that too against their own community. We all know what Muslim women are forced go through when they stand up against the society the latest example being of Ishrat Jahan of West Bengal, who stood up against the evil practice of Triple Talaq. Every citizen of the country must stand beside the brave Bohra women in their fight against the FGM.

The bold women of Bohra community or Ishrat Jahan are the true social reformers in this 21st century of India.

Cover Pic Source: DNA