Dear Mamata Banerjee, Is It Crime to Report On the Plight of Hindus In Dhulagarh?

Hindu Troll, Hindu Fanatic, Hindutva Brigade, Sanghi, Bakth and many more torments are the natural abuses that any Right Wing inclined writer faces in this vast multi cultural society of India. I would personally like to restrict my arguments to the recent riots in Dhulagargh on 12th December 2016. These riots were majorly ignored by most Mainstream Media Houses with the exception of few.

We at Satya Vijayi, were one of the few sites to cover this news, that too only on 19th December 2016, nearly a week after the actual riots took place. I personally took pains to reach out to one of the victims from Howrah who was present in scene of crime. He narrated the incidents as they unfolded in Dhulagarh and shared exclusive pictures and videos that were taken by him.

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From the way the story was narrated, it never looked like that this attack on Hindus in Dhulagarh is a stand alone incident. It sounded more like a well organized ethnic cleansing of Hindus which frequently occurs in Islamic Nations like Pakistan or Bangladesh. Hence Madam Chief Minister, we can come to the conclusion that Hindus being traumatized by Muslims in your West Bengal is quite a natural occurrence.

As a frequent visitor to your state, I very well know that you are a practicing Hindu. If one attends Durga Pooja in Kolkata, he/she will obviously come to the conclusion that no other festival in India can match this kind of State sponsored exuberance. The whole state goes into a state of trance from Mahalaya (Day 1) to Dashami (Day 10).

Your State Government keeps coming up with newer ways to provide unique flavor to Durga Pooja celebrations, thereby keeping its Hindu identity intact. Apart from this, workers from Trinamool Congress (TMC) project you as the re-incarnation of “Maa Durgaa“, who has come to rescue West Bengal from its clutches of darkness.

As someone who is constantly being projected as the Nari Shakti who has come to save her fellow Bengalis, one has several questions that need to be put forth to you Madam Chief Minister :-

  • Why is West Bengal subjected to ever increasing polarized riots between Hindus and Muslims, especially under your rule?
  • Where is your party cries of “Maa, Mati & Maanush” in the soil of Dhulagarh?
  • Why is it that highlighting the plight of Hindus in Dhulagarh, as done by Sudhir Chaudhary, is rewarded with a Non Bailalble FIR?

  • What is happening to the Fourth Pillar of Democracy under your rule, Is this some form of Emergency?
  • With the state in such shambles of lawlessness, Is it really required for the you Madam Chief Minister, to frequent visits to Delhi and raise National Issues?
  • Why did you out rightly deny the blatant attack on Hindus in Dhulagargh?
  • Finally, why have you completely failed to protect “Secularism & Democracy” in the State of West Bengal?


Between 12th December 2016 to 29th December 2016, you Madam as the Chief Minister of West Bengal had time to visit Delhi several times, extend your voice to various opposition parties, charge the Indian Army of treason, support a IT Raided IAS Officer (Ram Mohan Rao) in Tamil Nadu, attend press conferences with Rahul Gandhi and impose Non Bailable FIR on Zee News.

But you failed to travel a mere 25 kilo meters from the Secretariat in Kolkata to reach Dhulagarh and listen to the grievances of people who consider her as a re-incarnation of Maa Durga, Ironical isn’t it?