“Modi is a Coward and Psychopath” was the exact tweet used by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal accusing our Prime Minister of deliberately edging the CBI to raid his office when in reality, it was the Principal Secretary’s office which was raided for an allegation of corruption. This tactless statement was further defended by the Delhi CM to Barkha Dutt on prime time in an interview with NDTV, such are the stooping levels of immaturity exhibited by certain political classes in India.

Aam Admi Party, which made its stunning political debut in 2013 and 2015 during the Delhi assembly election, tried to represent an uprising of the Aam Admi in the National Capital. But it miserably shattered the faith of each and every common man/woman had in it, ever since it has proved itself to be a faithful lapdog of Sonia Gandhi’s Congress against which it was vociferously campaigning as the source of all Corruption in India. Even with the several defamation cases which seem to be piling up against them by top BJP leaders (Nitin Gadkari and Arun Jaitley), they are truly putting up a great fight to keep afloat the fact that their ethics and values are for sale in return for making tactless derogatory statements with no valid claims. This seriously would make us wonder, can India ever get rid of a certain kind of politician even if they did actually graduate from an IIT or IIM ?

This political class cannot be purely restricted to the National Capital but moving far east, we come across Mamata Banerjee aka Didi. Hailed by several of her party men as the goddess who is considered to be the savior of the citizens of West Bengal, who were once reeling under decades of slow poisoning under the influence of a communist propaganda, only to be pushed into a death trap of hooliganism and goondagiri. Statements like ‘PECHONE BASH’ is not just a uncalled remark made by the CM, but it is in fact what is happening at ground reality. If you think you are eligible to have an alternate opinion about her rule or her unconditional support to the votes of mullahs, think twice before voicing it.

Moving from Didi to Amma of South, there is very little difference and recent relief works in Chennai Floods stands testimony to the same. While most of the Media houses are terrified to show you the truth as to what was the real cause of Chennai floods, AIADMK party men are busy pasting stickers of CM J Jayalalitha on every possible relief material irrespective of its source. This is done to ensure that 2016 assembly elections are top priority and to top it all, the opposition leader DMDK Chief Vijayakanth gets filed with a criminal case for metaphorically insulting the CM’s rule by an act of spitting to a Media channel. Such is the form of DICTATORSHIP in the state, every file needs to be viewed by the AIADMK supremo irrespective of how critical it may or may not be. If only the PWD department had the power to open Chembaramakkam lake at an earlier stage, the Chennai Floods might not have claimed over 200 plus lives.

While the Prime Minister and his team are busy working round the clock in trying to prove that this Nation is more than capable of shedding its political differences and work together in tandem as TEAM INDIA, it is such kind of political class and politicians who create an aura of unrest in the Nation. The National opposition party Congress headed by Sonia, is ensuring that it goes to any extent to pull the right thread at the right moment adding more worries to the central government and keep the story of Indian economic growth at a stalemate like situation. Unfortunately even with the presence of such a strong and transparent Center Government, who firmly believe in decentralization of power to the states, hardly few non-BJP rules states have been able to make the most out of it.

“Congress mukth Bharath” might be BJP’s slogan which catapulted them into the 272+ strong mandate but unless the States and its political class start realizing that slogan “Untied we Rise and Divided we Fall”, all we might have left behind with us is a Political slug-fest for eternity.