Dear Smriti Irani, Don’t Play Vote Bank Politics in Education; General Students SUFFER

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Union Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani has agreed to waive 100% fees of all SC/ST, Dalit and Physically Handicapped children in all IITs across India. This came after a three fold increase in the fees of IITs from the current Rs. 90000 to 2 lakh rupees per year. For students with a family income less than Rs. 5 lakh, there will be a 66% fee concession.

My question now is: Why do general students have to pay fees when SC/ST, Dalits and Physically Handicapped don’t have to pay any? Why can’t the fee waiver be based on economic condition of the students?

Is a general category family earning 5 lakh 1 thousand rupees more capable of a Dalit family earning 10 lakhs? SC/STs, Dalits and Physically handicapped children already have a very easy time getting into IITs. Now, they won’t even have to pay the fees of the institute. Why should the general category students subsidize studies for the other categories?

Many general category students were missing out on IIT education because someone who scored way less marks than him in the competitive exams got his seat. Now, a lot more from the poor families will miss out as they can’t pay the fees.

Dear Smriti Irani, please stop playing vote bank politics in studies. We, as BJP supporters, do not expect the same level of stupidity from BJP as we do from other parties. We support you to bring equality in the society, not to make general category students suffer.

While the other news portals are reporting this as Acche din for SC/ST, Dalits and Physically handicapped children, this is nothing but BURE DIN for general category students.

Edit: We have previously said that the fees has been increased to 3 lakh rupees. It was a mistake on our part. Have edited it to 2 lakh rupees per year as per latest reports.