Dear Twitter Warrior, Why so many contradicting and self congratulatory tweets?

In the new era of Social Media, there are several warriors who belong to the instantaneous Twitterati clan. This instant two minute Twitterati warrior clan is not restricted to one ideology or one party. It represents a group of self proclaiming socialites who feel the frequent urge to BREAK NEWS, however irrelevant or unnecessary it may be.

By giving frequent yet obvious updates, which can be quite frankly obtained from several news sources, they think they have mastered the art of social journalism. But sadly all they do is that they keep contradicting their own tweets within an interval of few hours.

Let us take a simple example of the on-going tussle between Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Indian National Congress (INC) in the Gujarat Rajya Sabha Elections. This high voltage drama has been gaining traction for several weeks now, and during the last day of Elections it is at an all time peak.

The D-Day which was scheduled today, is supposed to have given us answers to some of the burning questions. Ahmed Patel in or out? Sonia’s prestige is saved or not? Amit Shah modern day Chanakya or not?

While this Gujrat Rajya Sabha Election has all the makings of a nail biting India Vs Pakistan cricket match finish, there are some two minute instant Twitterati warriors who seem to provide the comic flavor for us. Let us take the example of Tehseen Poonawalla’s tweets as given below, the following two tweets were at 6:30 PM and 6:33 PM, August 8th 2017.

In the above tweets, Poonawalla has gone ballistic with all allegation missiles trained at PM Narendra Modi, “Modi Ji did this, Modi Ji did that”… Yawn !!! Is there anything new in these kind of accusations? Modi Ji Modi Ji Modi Ji, clearly he needs to visit the same doctor as Arvind Kejriwal who seems to have taken off some steam these days.

Then comes the second series of tweets (9:32 PM & 11:26 PM) as to how there were some specific insider sources which only this Twitter expert seems to be aware of, hopefully that source isn’t Times Now or NDTV, since all Indian Media houses have been covering this for the past several weeks as already mentioned.

Clearly these insider sources have made the Twitter warrior happy. But post obtaining this highly secret insider source, our Twitter warrior is all for a self appraisal mode, he is jubilant that his source Times Now or NDTV has got it right !!!

But the Twitter warrior remembers one thing, didn’t I accuse the Election Commission to be a puppet or PM Modi? Let me do some damage control now, a tweet at 11:52 PM which still shows to the world that he is holding his ground strong on his previous accusation.

Finally after going on late into the night, our twitter warrior gives out even more obvious news items. One BJP Member of Legislative Assembly cross voted, “See See I told you na, I told you way long back na !!!”

When checking the twitter feed, we can clearly see what has been tweeted by this particular twitter warrior, very generic cross voting prediction.

In Rajya Sabha election which has two nominees, one side is bound to cross vote to the other side, this has frequently occurred in Rajya Sabha Elections or the recently concluded President and Vice President Elections. What is so new about this prediction? Has there been no such precedence before? Also what is the need for this self appraisal congratulatory mode again?

But if one continues to follow this Twitter Warrior’s account persistently, the twists and turns which were predicted by him are never ending.

In conclusion, I would like to bring this painful social media twitter story to an end. One might find it easier to follow an Abbas Mustan or Ram Gopal Verma story rather than check this twitter account for updates !!!