Deep rooted casteism: This wall in Bihar’s Muzzafarpur separates upper caste Sheikhs with lower caste Ansaris

People with lack of knowledge about India’s caste discrimination practice, which perhaps is the biggest social evil in the country that aspires to be a superpower, tend to blame it on a particular community or religion. When the fact is that in India, caste discrimination to some extent is practiced across religions.

A recent report from a village of Bihar points at the height of caste discrimination that is still prevalent even by non-Hindu and non-Dharmik communities in India, such as the Muslims.

According to the reports, a concrete partition has been erected between a road in a Muslim locality of Bihar’s Muzzafarpur. Half side of the road belongs to Sheikhs, while the other side to Ansaris. In the Indian Muslim hierarchy, Sheikhs are regarded as a higher caste, whereas the Ansaris are considered lower.
The entire matter traces back to 18th of November, when a wedding in locality turned into a full on clan war. The Sheikhs reportedly didn’t like the grandeur of a wedding on the Ansari side, which they deemed as a challenge to their higher position in the community. And so in efforts to establish their superiority, the Sheikh launched an attack on the wedding.

In no time, what was supposed to be a pleasant night of celebration turned into a full fledged riot. Like for all other such disputes in rural India, later the elders of the community sat down to find a solution. At last, it was decided that a wall would be built to separate the two castes from each other. And this is how the wall came to existence.

Now the wall is causing much troubles for the drivers, as road has become narrow due to it. The reception about it is mixed among the people. Many are actually happy about the wall, especially on the Ansari side after the wedding attack. However not everyone is happy about it. “We cannot go to offer namaz to that side. It’s an irony that people who follow one religion and one book have erected a wall that divides them into two. What can be worse than this,” one Mr. Salim was quoted as saying by India today. Now whether the wall continues to remain there or faces a same as the one in Berlin, is something which only the time will answer.