“Dekh Liya Unko” – Amazing Story of How Bholi Became Viru

Virendra Sehwag awesome story image 1

Virendra Sehwag is also known as Viru throughout the world. But this was not his nickname till this incident you are going to learn today. He was called as Bholi amongst his circles because he was very straight forward. This is a story of how Bholi came to be known as Viru. This is a story that will amaze you and will increase your respect for Virendra Sehwag many times. Or you may just say “Yeah, That’s Virendra Sehwag” after reading the story.

So, here’s how it goes.

On a fine morning, Sehwag’s team is playing in a limited overs school game. Sehwag, THEN fondly called Bholi, is padding up to bat. His team needs to score approximately 150 runs in order to win.

His coach is worried.

But he is not worried about the target. He knows that Bholi will take care of it and if needed, he can score it single handedly. He is worried about the time. He has to take the team to another venue for a match in the afternoon and is worried that the team may be late.

So, he asks half of the team to pack up and get ready to move to the next venue. This consists mostly of the bowlers. They pack up and leave.

In the way, the coach and his team go for lunch. They have their lunch and then leave for the venue. They face a small slow down due to traffic and finally reach the venue for the afternoon match.

When they reach the venue, the coach as well as the team is extremely surprised to see Bholi waiting for them at the venue. The coach is not able to understand what is happening and asks Sehwag what he is doing there. The coach asks him “What happened? What are you doing here?”

He replies: “Dekh Liya Unko”

In the time it took for the coach and his team to finish their lunch, Sehwag had taken care of the match and had moved to the next game.

And then, he earned a new nickname. Bholi became Viru. And as you know, this Viru went on to become the most feared batsman in the whole world for a long time.