Delhi govt ad calls Sikkim a separate country, the Northeast state hits back

An advertisement by the Delhi Government for recruitment of “civil defense volunteers,” has identified Sikkim as a separate and Independent country. The ad which published on almost all leading newspapers of Delhi, places Sikkim alongside sovereign nations such as Bhutan and Nepal.

Meanwhile, Sikkim government has already expressed its displeasure with the advertisement. A letter has been sent by SC Gupta, Chief Secretary, Government of Sikkim, to Vijay Kumar Dev, Chief Secretary, Govt of NCT, Delhi.
“This is immensely hurtful to the people of Sikkim who take pride in being the citizens of our great country, ever since it became 22nd state of the Indian Union on 16th May 1975,” the letter reads.

He further urged the Delhi Government to immediately withdraw the offensive ad.
Sikkim became an integral part of India in 1975 by becoming the 22nd state of the union.