Delhi LG Writes a Letter to Manish Sisodia ” End your Foreign Holiday and Come Back Immediately”

When Delhi is suffering deaths from Dengue, malaria and Chikunguniya, AAP Ministers are on Holiday. Kejriwal after his political holiday in Punjab is off for Medical holiday in Bangalore to cut short his long tongue. Deputy who is actually CM of Delhi Manish Sisodia is enjoying his holiday in Finland drinking wine and partying in pretext of studying educational system of Finland and try to implement in Delhi.

Below is the pic of Sisidia enjoying Finland

The official trip was just for 1 day as per approvals, but so called contractor’s of honesty AAP’s Sisodia is enjoying and holidaying on Public Money abroad and posting pics of drinking wine and eating ice cream.

LG Najib Jung wrote a thrashing Open letter to Sisodia and ordered him to end his holiday on public money immidiately and come back to address concerns of Delhi.

Below is the copy of the same accessed by Times now.

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