Delhi police pulls the mask off Umar Khalid’s face, exposes him for what he is – a deeply communal fanatic

The Delhi police in its supplementary chargesheet has snatched the mask off activist Umar Khalid’s face and has exposed him for what he is, an out-and-out Islamist.

In its chargesheet, the Delhi Police has not only sketched the actions of Khalid after failed seditious uprising in JNU campus in 2016, but provides a vivid glimpse into his mind and ideology. It also explains Khalid’s well planned conspiracy to break the country and his relations with various pawns in it such as Sharjeel Imam.

According to the chargesheet, Khalid “resentfully” accepted the idea of India after failed uprising in JNU campus in 2016. And ever since had been working on a conspiracy to break India by 2020 on the concept of Islamic brotherhood (Ummah). To achieve this end, he wanted to blend “political Islam with mainstream political parties to take on the Indian State.”

In this conspiracy of his, Khalid found an important ally in highly radicalised Sharjeel Imam, whose ‘religious fanaticism’, coupled with his academic legacy and pointed oratory skills provided a “perfect combination” to realise the vile pursuit of creating anarchy and chaos in Delhi, the charge sheet says.

For Khalid, Imam was the “unapologetic floating froth of religious extremism who was to be used for executing the precipitation of the conspiracy in the riots”.

The chargesheet also provides an insight into the complicated ideology of Khalid, which was a blend of Ultra-leftism and radical Islamism. Umar Khalid carried “atheism as pretence,” it says adding that “events have shown otherwise.”

Further shedding light on Khalid’s ideology, the chargesheet says, that he was “focal point of the twin lines of Pan-Islamica and Ultra-Left anarchism which had incubated, nurtured and propagated the common conspiracy, all squarely aimed at violent subjugation of the Government”.

The Delhi Police asserted that Khalid was guided by two “mutually reinforcing line of thought”. The first one was the “legacy passed on to him by his father” and the other one was the “ultra-leftist arena where he was desperately trying to surpass the likes of Yogendra Yadav”. It refers to him as “deeply communal.”

It may be noted that Khalid’s father was a leader of now banned Islamist terrorist organization ‘Students’ Islamic Movement of India (SIMI)’.

Elaborating on how the conspiracy came into play, Delhi police says that Khalid was well aware of the fact that Indian Muslims will not buy his “pervert definition of Islam” and hence targeted Bangladeshi and Rohingya refugees due to their economic disadvantages and ghettoised living.

Khalid was arrested in connection to Delhi’s Anti-Hindu riots in early 2020. For months, Khalid and his ilk had been working on creating communally charged atmosphere on the pretext of Anti-CAA protests. The conspiracy reached its focal point on the wake of American President Donald Trump’s visit to India when protesters in North East Delhi suddenly turned violent and began attacking the residences and establishments of local innocent Hindus.

And yet, there was a consolidated effort by the supporters of the conspiracy to frame victim Hindus as culprits through misinformation campaign and false propaganda. They succeeded in their attempts to a certain extent, but it lasted only till the infamous terrace of Tahir Hussain came into light, which then opened pandora’s box, exposing a nefarious conspiracy against secular, democratic Indian state by Islamist, and totalitarian communist elements.