Delhi SUFFERS: With 10,683 cases, 2015 dengue outbreak worst in last 20 years

dengue outbreak image 1

Delhi’s dengue epidemic does not seem to be stopping or even slowing down. Due to an inefficient administration by the government, the deadly virus has affected a total of 10,683 people by now, making it the worst dengue outbreak in the last 20 years. Luckily, the medical science has come forward a lot and the number of deaths are lower. This year, the number of people who have died from dengue is 41 as compared to 420 deaths in the year 1996, the previous time dengue reached such proportions.

The official website of National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme reports ‘During 1996 a severe outbreak of dengue had occurred in Delhi wherein about 10,252 cases and 423 deaths were reported.’ The NVBDCP is a national level nodal office which has technical experts from the fields of public health, entomology, parasitology and toxicology aspects of dengue. The health department of Delhi government confirms that this is the worst outbreak since 1996.

‘Number of dengue cases reported this year has surpassed the corresponding figure in 1996,’ a health department official said. ‘However, the situation is gradually improving and the government has put in place all necessary mechanisms to check further spread of the disease,’ the official claimed.dengue outbreak image 1

In the last week alone, over 3000 new cases of the deadly virus have been reported from all over Delhi bringing the total number of people affected  to a whopping 10,683.

Due to lack of awareness of Dengue in the year 1996, the number of deaths was much higher than this year when media frenzy surrounding the disease has made everyone aware of the risks. People are coming in hordes in hospitals even when they suspect that they may have dengue. This has helped save countless lives, luckily.

People are resorting to all sorts of treatments outside hospitals too. The price per liter of goat milk has skyrocketed all over the nation, but especially in Delhi. It should be noted that there is no scientific evidence behind this. There is no proof that goal milk can actually save someone from dengue. Hence, it is best to visit the nearest hospital and get treated properly for the disease.

The question we want to ask today to Delhi is: WHY have the present and past governments not taken enough action against the main reason for Dengue? Why is Delhi not yet clean? Why, in such a scenario, does the Delhi CM question the success of Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan instead of ensuring that it gets HUGE response in Delhi. After all, his popularity is sky high in Delhi. He got 67 out of 70 seats with more than half the public behind him. Can he not ask his voters to ensure that Delhi meets the PMs expectations of becoming the cleanest city in India? If Delhi is cleaned properly, it will not see such dengue outbreaks time and again.