The delusion of safety, when will Human Rights Activists learn?

Dear Human Rights Activists,

We all go out on the streets everyday, we walk past so many trucks, vans and other vehicles. We see so many vehicles passing by everyday, but do we ever wonder will any of those vehicles suddenly charge on us? Killing all the people walking on the street? We may have never wondered such a thing in past but we should start wondering now. Because gone are the days when a terrorists used to come with huge guns and throwing grenades, the new age terrorist don’t come like that. Look around yourself, look at vehicles you see around, it is possible that a terrorist is driving one of them and is just waiting for the opportune moment to charge on the innocent people passing by.

Many of us may think that such things happen only in Europe and not in India, there cannot be a bigger foolishness than such a thought. If it is possible in Europe, such a thing is a thousand time easier in India. Just have a look at our lackluster system, we often fail to stop typical terrorist attacks with arms and ammunition, how will we stop a guerrilla attack? In Europe it’s harder to get a vehicle, in India its very easy to have a vehicle for rent. In India the crowd at any market place on any given day is much bigger than the New Year’s Eve crowd of any European country. Hence in India a terrorist doesn’t have to wait for a certain occasion for a crowd to gather, in India we are always in a crowd.

Many may think that such terrorist attacks are carried out by the likes of ISIS, and we don’t have them in our country. That again is a fools dream !!! Forget about ISIS wanting to enter our country since they have already entered into the drawing rooms of India. The new age propaganda does not come riding on a horse with a sword in hand, it comes riding on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and it enters directly inside your household. Our administration have already arrested many ISIS people operating inside India, but they aren’t all. There could be thousands of them, they could be right between us, who knows maybe your next door neighbor could be an ISIS Sympathizer. After all in the 21st century Jihad, you don’t need go to a mountain in Afghanistan to become a terrorist. We have several such examples emerging from Kerala, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Kashmir, don’t we?

We have a problem in hand, entire humanity has a problem in hand and we need to cure it. The first step to cure a problem is to accept that we indeed have a problem. And the problem is not the vehicle, and sorry to say the problem is neither the one who is driving but the problem is the ideology which is driving the driver itself. That ideology must be killed for good. We can repeat the same old dialog we do after every attack that religion has nothing to do with terrorism, but the harsh fact is that religion has every damn thing to do with terrorism. It is the religion which is used as the tool for terrorism, then how can we say it has nothing to do with religion?

But we love being delusional, don’t we !!!

A bunch of delusional Human Rights activists were batting in favor of the Syrian refugees, back then. But now after the incidents which have taken place in Europe, after they had given shelter to the Syrian refugees, those Human Rights activists are nowhere to be seen. Now a similar liberal lobby is working in this India and they are batting in favor of the Rohingya Muslims.

Tomorrow, if our government gives refuge to these Rohingya Muslims, coming under the pressure of these Human Rights activists. If something unfortunate does happen here because of these Rohingya Muslims, then the Human Rights activist who has ever written, even a damn sentence in favor of the Rohingya Muslims on their Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Wall or even on the walls of their house, they must be legally held responsible for the incident.

The citizens of this country have a lot problems to worry in his/her life, we don’t want another one on our head. We don’t want to go out on the streets with doubts in mind and fear in heart. The citizens of this country support the Modi Government’s decision in deporting the Rohingya Muslims, and there are valid reasons for it. Here we have ten reasons as to why the Rohingya Muslims must be deported for the interests of the people of this country and I support most of them.

These ten reasons are taken from the Facebook page (Unofficial Abdul Best Comedian) :-

1. 20 million Bangladeshis are living in India illegally which is almost equivalent to the entire population of Sri Lanka.

2. 500,000 Kashmiri Hindu Brahmins are still struggling to return to their motherland Kashmir.

3. At the time when the Hindus are facing religious persecution and extinction in Muslim majority Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, there is no point of accepting the Rohingya Muslims and there should not be a debate about not deporting them.

4. I strictly support the two nation theory.

5. There are about 57 Muslim majority countries where the Rohingya Muslims can integrate quickly instead of worrying about their Islamic identity in the non-Muslim majority.

6. When India is exporting educated, skilled people to every corner of the world, then why should India accept illiterate, unskilled people living in India and drying up the resource?

7. Sooner or later they will fall under the Indian minority on the basis of their religion and will receive special status and subsidies.

8. We cannot negotiate with the Indian demography.

9. Islamic Terrorist organisation Indian Mujahideen Terrorists who were caught have confessed about radicalising the Rohingya Muslims.

10. We should learn from the European refugee problem.

Ten reasons why i support the Government of India's decision to deport the Rohingya Muslims :1. 20 million…

Posted by Unofficial Abdul Best Comedian on Saturday, August 19, 2017

We as a nation need to understand our rights and wake up, this country’s security is very important, this is our house not a damn hotel that anyone from any part of the world can come here and take a room for rent. Our people and their lives are of foremost importance to us. Chanakya has once said that “You’ll not live long enough to do all the mistakes yourself and learn from them, so learn from other’s mistakes”, we must learn from the mistakes of Europe and we must learn fast, before its too late.


An Indian Who Thinks India’s Security is More Important Than Anything !!!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by the Author in this article are his own