Democracy loving netizens slam Congress leader PC Chacko for calling Gandhis ‘the first family of India’

Senior Congress leader PC Chacko on Saturday informed the nation that India, a proud democratic country actually has a ‘first family’ and members of which have a superior claim over constitutional positions such as Prime Ministership.

According to Chacko, the famous Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra dynasty of the Congress is in fact India’s first family and being a member of it is enough qualification for a person to become country’s Prime Minister. Chacko went on to attribute everything that the country achieved in the last seventy years to the ‘planning and initiatives’ conceived by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

The Congress leader in fact criticised the current Prime Minister, who hails from humble origins, for having negative views about the so called ‘First family of India.’

“PM Modi holds a negative opinion about the first family of India. What did India have when it got Independence? Nothing, India is now a space power because of Nehru. Everything the country has achieved, the White Revolution, the Green revolution was achieved due to Jawaharlal Nehru’s planning and initiatives. India is now self-sustaining because of Nehru and the first family’s contribution. India is obliged to them,” PC Chacko said.

Meanwhile, hitting out at Chacko for his comments, Armyman turned politician Major Surendra Poonia said, “Mr PC Chacko shamelessly defending dynasty rulers n saying ‘First Family this,First family that .. Bla Bla ..’, Mr Chako, India is a not ruled by some Gandhi King or Queen, There is nothing called First Family in Azaad Hindustan.”

Union Minister and senior BJP leader Prakash Javadekar also condemned the comments saying,” PC Chacko described Gandhi family as the first family of the country .This is the congress mindset and culture of sycophancy which resembles Devkant Barooah who used to say in emergency Indira is India, India is Indira.”

Democracy loving people on social media also lashed out at the anti-democratic remarks of the Congress leader.

Chacko also claimed that Prime Minister Modi is not aware of India’s history. “When India became free, what was the situation? (Narendra) Modi doesn’t know history. India was made self-sufficient through the green revolution, white revolution. Everything happened during Pandit Ji’s time (Nehru). Pandit Ji’s contribution and (Gandhi) family’s contribution cannot be erased.”
The Congress leader also asserted that his party’s president Rahul Gandhi will become the next Prime Minister of India. “Mr Narendra Modi will see that,” he added.