Demonetization: Pass or fail

One year has past since 8th of November 2016, when the Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the announcement of Demonetization. But even after one year the debate of If Demonetization was a Success or Failure is still going on. Not only politicians and economists but even the common people are divided on the subject.

Some believe that the Demonetization has failed to live up to the promises made by the Prime Minister and government while others believe that Demonetization has live up to what was expected from it. Admist all the debates and confusion, Political analyst Anshul Saxena has come up with brilliant video titled, One year of Demonetization : Pass or fail.

In the video Anshul Saxena did an analysis of whether Demonetization is a pass or fail. Anshul was in his usual straight to the point style and took just seven minutes to explain a lot of things. Most part of the seven minutes long video was filled with facts and figures.

Through facts he explained the various benefits of Demonetization which included seizing of benami assets, detection of undisclosed income, identification of benami transactions, detection of fake currency, addition of new tax payers, increase in digital transactions.

He shown figures of how because of the Demonetization, terrorist and maoist activities in various areas have reduced. He further explained how Demonetization broke the backbone of trafficking industry.

He concluded that judging whether Demonetization has succeeded or not is too early as of now . Because the process is still going on and the government is investigating many suspicious accounts and transactions. He presented figures that cash transaction of more than rupees 2.89 lakh crore and cash deposits of rupees 3.68 lakh crore in 23.22 lakh accounts are being investigated.

He added that there are many things which may come out in coming days as the investigation unfolds.

Anshul Saxena is a political analyst and observer who is known for his Nationalist views. He frequently shares his views on various political and social issues using the micro-blogging site twitter. He is regarded as a twitter celebrity and has a whopping number of more than 60,000 followers on the site.