Detailed Breakup of Implementation Planned of Bihar Special Package (In Images)

special package

As we have recently told you, PM Modi today announced a special package to Bihar that is way above the expectations of anyone in the state. While Nitish was asking for 50000 crores for Bihar, PM Modi went out of the way and offered Rs. 1 lakh 25 thousand and 3 crores as special package and 40000 crores as infrastructure development fund to Bihar. Here is the detailed breakup of the same in images.

Here is the sector wise breakup of the funds to be utilized. The highest allocation is for Highways at 54713 crore rupees. Petroleum and Gas at 21476 crores is next and is followed by electricity at 16130 crores. Rural road sector at 13820 crores and Railways at 8870 crores are next in line. The biggest focus can be seen on basic infrastructure and for Modi’s plan of providing 24*7 electricity to Bihar. Education, Skill Development and Digital Bihar program have a good allocation too.

special package


Let us now look at the highlights in each sector:

Modi special package to bihar 2


If properly implemented, this can be the best thing that has happened for Bihar since independence. In 5 to 10 years, Bihar would be a completely different state and may even be looking at spearheading the growth of India in the coming decades. We hope that this is the case and we urge all Biharis to support Modi Ji in this initiative.

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