Devendra Fadnavis takes to Twitter to give Thane City Police a big lesson; gets PRAISE on Twitter

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Devendra Fadnavis is silently working in Maharashtra to make it a great state again, free of drought and water scarcity. He has been working on “Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyaan” in a bid to make Maharashtra a drought-free state by 2019. And by all the indications that we have after the first monsoon, he is most likely to succeed in this initiative. And if he dose, he will be remembered as a revolutionary chief minister of Maharashtra and may rule over the state for another decade at least.

However, apart from working on the ground to bring up water levels in Maharashtra, he is also working in the digital world to make it a better space for citizens of Maharashtra.

In a prime example of this, a Twitter user tried to seek help from Thane City Police to get the traffic jam cleared at Godhbunder in Thane. And the traffic police gave a sort of indifferent reply.

This is the tweet by the citizen:

And here is the reply by the Thane City Police. Not a very good complainant friendly response, right?

The chief minister steps in at this moment. He reminds Thane City Police on how he should respond to the complainant.

The surprising part is that as per protocol, the matter was already forwarded to Thane Rural Police but the way the response came it would seem as if the complainant needs to complain separately to the Thane Rural Police.

The twitter handle of Thane City Police accepts it’s own mistake and thanks the Maharashtra CM for pointing out the mistake.

The complainant is now happy that there was prompt reply and that action was taken.

Applauds come in from all side for Devendra Fadnavis on handling it in a great manner, unlike other state chief ministers who would blame it on Modi.

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