Dhruv Rathee caught manipulating data to spread Fake News against Modi Government

Dhruv Rathee has often been referred to as a ‘Social Media Campaigner’ for Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. He has been running several Anti-Modi campaign through his YouTube channel and various other social media platforms.

Dhruv has been manipulating data and showcasing it to social media users for promoting his Anti-Modi propaganda, unfortunately he has been exposed several times too. One such example is given below:-

In the above Facebook post, which was posted in Dhruv Rathee’s official page, he had claimed that ‘CBI confirms Unnao rape done by BJP MLA’. But CBI had provided a different clarification for the above story run by Dhruv Rathee which was also published in several National Papers, “In response to media queries related to a new item published today in a National Daily, it is stated that investigation in three cases relating to certain incidents including alleged rape, violence etc. in District Unnao (Uttar Pradesh) is still continuing. CBI has not given any update/conclusion/views with respect to the cases to any media person. All such stories related to said cases published/broadcast in the media recently are purely speculative.”

Even after CBI had given the above clarification, Dhruv Rathee had neither apologised for this fake news nor taken down this fake Facebook post. This picture is still widely circulation in several WhatsApp groups which are closely related to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

In yet another instance, Dhruv Rathee has tried hard to manipulate the data and showcase it against PM Modi, while making sure it boost achievements of Congress Government. He posted a picture on his Facebook page, which claims that PM Modi had inaugurated a 9 km highway by having a huge roadshow. On the other hand, Former PM Manmohan Singh had a simple inauguration of ‘Terminal 3 at the Indira Gandhi International Airport’, without making much noise.

Well, if you are following up with the latest news, it is clear that Dhruv has taken only a part of inauguration done by PM Modi and compared it with the Terminal 3 inauguration of Dr Manmohan Singh. Dhruv is claiming that PM Modi inaugurated only a 9 km highway, which is false. The data has been manipulated in such a way, since it suits the propaganda of Dhruv’s political campaign.

Then, what is the truth???

Well, PM Modi inaugurated TWO projects, the 135-km-long Eastern Peripheral Expressway and phase 1 of Delhi-Meerut Expressway, the latter one was of 9 km. Dhruv is only talking about 9 km project here to make sure he is manipulating the social media users.

Little does Dhruv know, The Eastern Peripheral Expressway is India’s first smart and green highway which is 135 km long and has been built in record time of 18 months. The project’s foundation stone was laid down by PM Modi in November 2015 and it will bring down the pollution in Delhi by 27% (claimed by various government ministers).

Image source: NDTV

The inauguration of the Eastern Peripheral Expressway (EPE) had an immediate impact in the capital, with more than 50,000 heavy vehicles waiting to drive through Delhi being diverted to the expressway from the city’s borders.

As per a report in Times of India, “The number of trucks turned away on Sunday night was a third of the 1.5 lakh heavy vehicles that normally enter Delhi through the eastern border. Authorities said the diversion of such a large number of vehicles will lead to a discernible drop in the city’s air pollution levels during the course of this week.”

Instead of running fake social media propaganda, Dhruv Rathee should have worked hard towards finding facts rather than creating manipulated data to suit his political party’s needs.