Dhruv Rathee Exposed for lying about ‘Pen’ used by PM Narendra Modi

Dhruv Rathee, often referred to as a Social Media campaigner of Arvind Kejriwal, has been running Anti-Modi campaign through his YouTube channel and various other social media platforms. Dhruv has supported the Delhi Chief Minister, no matter what he says or does. Let it be the recent Electronic Voting Machine (EVM hacking) blunder or Tanker scam, he supports Kejriwal, always.

Dhruv has been exposed several times about his lie and propaganda against PM Narendra Modi. Recently, he tweeted a picture of PM Narendra Modi along side Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh comparing the pen used by each one of them.

In the picture he has claimed that while Arvind Kejriwal and Dr. Manmohan Singh are using simple pens, PM Narendra Modi uses an expensive pen. He even tweeted a report from India Today which claimed PM Narendra Modi has obsession with designer watches and expensive stylish personal belongings.

Kejriwal also traveled allegedly on business class with public money(tax payers) but Dhruv will find it not suiting his agenda and hence, he will not cover it!!

But it seems that Dhruv, in his blind hatred, has forgot to research more about the pen used by PM Narendra Modi in the picture that he had tweeted. As per a report from Hindustan Times, any gift valued less than Rs 5000 can be kept by the recipient. For gifts above Rs 5000, they have to pay the additional amount, said an official of the toshakhana who is from the Central Board of Customs and Excise.

The Mont Blanc pen, which is present in the picture tweeted by Dhruv and the pen which he claims to be 1.3 Lakhs, is actually work Rs 2500. This information is quoted in the report mentioned by Hindustan Times, also the pen was gifted to PM Narendra Modi, it was not purchased by him.

Also few claims from Facebook and twitter user also state that the picture of PM Narendra Modi is of the 2014, when Narendra Modi took Oath as the Prime Minister of India. Check the video below at 2:54 minute, the visible spots like Flag on PM Narendra Modi’s jacket, Satyameva Jayate State Emblem on right hand side of PM Narendra Modi.

From the above two scenarios it is clear that:

  • The picture is from PM Oath ceremony 2014.
  • The pen is gifted and is not of 1.3 lakh but 2500 Rupees.

Does Dhruv Rathee has any evidence that the picture he has used is not of PM Oath ceremony or the pen used by PM is purchased by PM. Would Dhruv Rathee be able to prove that the PM is not gifted.

Rightly many Twitteratis have not only slammed Dhruv Rathee for his lie against PM Modi, but have also exposed his Anti-Modi agenda by pointing out the below facts.


It seems like Social media warriors of Opposition have left with options like Pen and Pencil instead of combating Honest PM on governance, development and people issues.

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