Dhruv Rathee, the ‘Shoot and Scoot’ specialist who constantly spreads ‘Fake News’

Dhruv Rathee is a popular you-tuber in the Anti-Modi and Anti-RSS ecosystem. You can actually confirm by visiting his channel and checking the suggested channels or videos. Not much is known about his family background or education. He claims that he is from Germany but he often visits India.

His page Dhruv Rathee came to existence in 2016 and since then it has progressed enormously like ‘The Logical Indian.’ Of late, I don’t see much of TLI shares by my friends on my newsfeed (I have unfollowed it after finding it biased and fake news peddler) which only means they aren’t popular anymore like they were once. Even though, TLI once really had good content and talked logical if not sense but soon they started to bank on Anti-Modi sentiments to gain immense following. However, they occasionally do publish about some reports send by their followers which may or not may be against the Center and I think that’s why people who only wanted to see abuse of the Center shifted base.

Dhruv Rathee exploited this situation and is now the ugly face of this ecosystem who only posts videos about anything which will make you hate Modi, Hindus and RSS. He can go any extent for creating such videos like misleading facts, false allegations, baseless analysis, stolen information and wrong stats. Anything he can’t prove, he calls it scam (Rafale). Anything he can’t explain, he calls it fake (Make In India). Compared to the TLI, he rose to fame rapidly because he posts videos as his followers are too exasperated and edgy to read articles.

One of my friend had send his video about Nirav Modi scam, I was watching him explain LoU as Letter of Understanding instead of Letter of Undertaking. So, basically this guy made a 15 mins video about something of which he didn’t even know the full-form. Of course, the rest of the content too was absurd as the ultimate goal of that video was to blame the government for the PNB scam anyhow. Next I saw a video of him which was trolled by many was about him asking his followers to drink his urine to counter the Gau Mutra thing. Seriously! Who does that? Anyway, I even came to know about his one video where he was showing 2012 stats to blame Modi government for making India poor.

He had accused Ambani and Adani many times for doing anti-India business which have been exposed by their corporate groups leading Dhruv to delete the tweets and even later apologizing but then till then already it would have been shared by thousands of people across social media.

Many of his videos have been taken down by Youtube for copyright issues and misleading contents. His page was too suspended for some time by Facebook for the same reasons. He believes in Kejriwal’s Shoot and Scoot approach to gain attention. Remember how Kejriwal would accuse everyone being Ambani or Modi agent and latter issue apology letters fearing defamation cases coming his way but till then he would have already received attention and some donations from the ecosystem.

However, earning through just those videos is difficult unless you have some sponsors or political backing which I think in Dhruv’s case is Aam Aadmi Party. I have never seen a single video against Kejriwal and his party. Perhaps, he went on to praise Congress’s manifesto once they agreed on alliance with Kejriwal.

Recently, I saw him criticizing Swaach Bharat Abhiyaan by posting a Modi’s photo near some cow dung cakes. Did he really forget that cow dung cakes are still used as fuel for cooking in villages. Perhaps, Amazon to sells them for Urban population. The next photo was of a broken toilet which he claimed was built by Modi, of course there was no evidence for the same in form of some billboards or banners. It could have been any random abandoned toilet.

Anyway, I have never seen him posting photos of Mohalla Clinics which have been turned into garbage dumps. Perhaps, they are so awful that Kejriwal himself never visits them and prefers posh Bengaluru Hospital even for his cough treatments. Dhruv is just obsessed with Modi like Kejriwal that’s why in his all India visits, he only visits places that are associated with Modi.

The other thing that is fishy about this guy is that his both Facebook and Twitter account remains unverified till date even having so much of reach where as some independent bloggers with less followers comparatively have their blue ticks. He doesn’t even have a wiki page. Why this guy who claims to be so knowledgeable, powerful and influential is acting like a random internet troll? What he is hiding? Finally, who is he?

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