Dhruv Rathee slammed by twitterati for spreading one sided propaganda over alleged attacks on minorities

After registering a history victory in 2019 General elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is waiting for the swearing-in ceremony to be completed to get back to his office. However it seems like his opponents are already back to their usual work.

In a recent tweet, anti-BJP video blogger Dhruv Rathee tried to imply that minorities such as tribals and Muslims are being targeted in the country ever since BJP won on 23rd May. In the tweet, Rathee listed a number of news headlines in days following 23rd May.

Most of these were about alleged attacks carried out by cow vigilantes in different parts of the country in past few days. However Rathee, very conveniently ignored those news headlines which were about the attacks on BJP activists in past few days.

Ironically, Rathee who claims to be a Fact-checker, himself highlighted some fake news stories in this tweet his. For example, along with the tweet, attached screenshot of a news story which claims that a skullcap wearing Muslim man was assaulted in Gurugram. However the CCTV footage of the claimed incident has revealed that the man was not wearing skullcap at the time of the altercation. In most probability, it was not even a communal incident.

This hypocrisy of Rathee was called out by twitter users, who slammed him for trying to spread one sided propaganda. Some twitter users, in counter to Rathee’s one sided propaganda, listed the incidents of attacks on Hindus and BJP activists that took place after 23rd May.


Dhruv Rathee, over last five years had been continuously campaigning against BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But if the e के election results are something to go by, then it seems like people take his videos for entertainment purpose only.