Why didn’t Virat Kohli invite Arvind Kejriwal on his wedding reception?

Answer by Nitin Nigam On Quora

Answer may lie in what happened exactly 2 years back from now (December 2015).

In his enthusiasm to corner Arun Jaitley, Arvind Kejriwal tried to use Virat Kohli as a pawn in his political game. Kejriwal was targeting DDCA and this interview [1]from Kohli came as a boon for him. While Kohli was talking about how he learned to earn things based on his merit AAP latched on to the interview and used for their political game.

Arvind Kejriwal alleged that DDCA is asking money to select under-14 kids in team and held Jaitley responsible for it. Kejriwal even alleged that sexual [2]favor was asked from a senior journalist’s wife to get their kid selected.

Virat had then tweeted [3]in favour of Jaitley saying he was always helpful to cricketer. Kejriwal’s AAP volunteers targeted Kohli and trolled him for days to come.

With such history, Kohli would surely like to avoid going near to a person who wont think twice before throwing him under the bus to score points in his political slug-fest.

The same guy who dragged Kohli’s late father in his politics. The same guy who tried to insinuate that those mothers who agreed to give sexual favours got their kids selected in Delhi team. Virat has come through same Delhi team. Imagine the expression of Kohli’s mother when same guy goes on to stage to greet the couple.

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