How difficult is to push Digital India….


17th March 2017 8am: Early morning at Jodhpur railway station today.

Finished breakfast with family and then offered money through e-wallet at the Railway platform restaurant.

Cashier bluntly replies ..NO E-wallet

Asked for bank account… Blunt comes the reply ..NO..

I denied having cash. Vendor suggested to get money from ATM. I denied having ATM card. Arguments heated up. I gave him my visiting card and asked him to SMS his account details and I will transfer the money from wherever in India. Vendor not letting me go to board the train and I forcing myself to leave the site. Finally with huge reluctance he offers me a number to make Paytm transfer and I prevail. My family standing at a distance worried about my passion for Modi’s initiatives making an opinion to not go out with me outing anymore, as this has become a routine wherever I go and refuse to budge…..

Need to make some efforts to see India a “New India”.

Presently focusing on setting right so many things at work which will have long term benefit to society. Left with little energy to do anything exclusively for  the society after just doing this. I  cannot even imagine how NaMo is capable of doing so many things at such large scale….

(Real facts as narrated by Shri. Narendra Jain. He is currently employed with a reputed Indian MNC working as a very senior executive)