Digvijay Singh’s lies and reckless statements in the past

   On 8 September 2017 there was a controversy over Digvijay Singh’s language about the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Since 2007-2008, the former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh has been playing the Muslim card and has been making some reckless statements and allegations. He has also accused the BJP of lying and misleading people.
        Let us see his lies:
1–  Digvijay lied that the then Gujarat CM Modi had lied on claiming to save 15,000 lives in Uttarakhand in the 2013 floods. He said: “This man (Modi) comes in and claims he has rescued 15,000 people. Don’t lie so much Mr Modi, the people aren’t that stupid”. But Narendra Modi never ever made any such claim. Digvijay can be challenged to show a single statement where Modi said this. It is one newspaper which reported that Modi did so, and despite Modi never claiming anything like this, Digvijay falsely defamed Modi by claiming that Modi had lied on thisThe Times of India issued a clarification that no one ever made such a claim on saving 15,000 lives. But Digvijay did not bother to apologize for his wrong allegation.

2- Digvijay Singh falsely alleged that the fake CD of Sanjay Joshi was made by Narendra Modi. (In that, in the first place he accepted that the CD was fake and Sanjay Joshi totally innocent while his party held Sanjay Joshi guilty when the CD surfaced in December 2005 and did not bother to apologize to the innocent, simple and honest man when the lab report of Hyderabad proved that the tape was massively doctored).

What a false defamation of Narendra Modi. No one has ever alleged that Modi got that fake CD made. What proof does Digvijay have of this? Zero. Yet he levelled such a horrible character-assassinating charge on an innocent man Narendra Modi, and his party did the same on another honest and pure man Sanjay Joshi. There is no knowledge of who made that fake CD. But it was made in December 2005 at the time of the BJP’s 25th anniversary celebrations to ruin the matter. So it is suspected quite a lot that someone from the Congress may have done it so as to serve the double goals of putting the blame on perceived opponents of Sanjay Joshi in the BJP (like Uma Bharti who was then expelled from the party days before, or Narendra Modi) as well as cause damage to the BJP on the occasion of its 25th anniversary celebrations. Why would anyone be surprised if Digvijay’s hand itself is suspected in that fake CD making- if he can allege Narendra Modi did it without a tiny piece of even allegation, forget evidence?

3- In 2011 before the Assam polls and even after Digvijay equated Bangladeshi Hindu (who are tortured and forced to convert or killed or told to leave Bangladesh) refugees with Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators. He implied thus that the Hindus who come to India to save their lives and religion should be expelled to Bangladesh to die or convert to Islam and suffer tortures but not come to India. His exact words were: ““There’s no constitutional provision to treat Hindus coming from Bangladesh and Pakistanis as refugees.” And his Congress Party has always protected Muslim infiltrators of Bangladesh by the IMDT Act 1983 and other various tricks.

4- Digvijay Singh attacked Anna Hazare for a photo with RSS leader Nanaji Deshmukh in the 1980s while he himself had this photo flanked by people at a much higher position than Nanaji Deshmukh- i.e. the then RSS chief Rajju Bhaiya and VHP acting chief Ashok Singhal in 1997.

 Digvijay Singh himself attended a Virat Hindu Sammelan in 1997 when he was seated flanked by the then RSS chief Rajju Bhaiya and VHP working president Ashok Singhal.

5- He claimed in December 2010 that Hemant Karkare had called him on 26 Nov 2008 (which was proved to be false, as the records showed that HE HAD CALLED Karkare’s office’s landline number and there is no proof at all that Karkare was present at office at that time) and through other statements like ‘Karkare was like God to Muslims’, launching a book like “26/11 RSS conspiracy” , visiting houses of terrorists in Azamgarh, etc. See his statement:  Records show that there was a call made from the number 09425015461 (which is registered with Madhya Pradesh Congress) to the number 022-23087336, which is registered on your ATS website. The call was made at 5.44 PM on 26-11-2008. So I ask you to apologise to me.” This shows that call was made FROM DIGVIJAY’s number to Karkare’s office landline number.

   Singh released a book by Urdu journalist Aziz Burney, titled ‘26/11-An RSS Conspiracy’? Though he said he believed 26/11 attacks were done by Pakistani terrorists only, he never condemned people writing such a book and proudly released it.

6- He first questioned the Batla House encounter of 19 September 2008 and claimed it was fake. His own party’s Home Minister Chidambaram said it was genuine. Even Tehelka said so.The Delhi trial court judgment merely confirms what was common sense on the Batla House case. 5 people were inside, 2 were killed, 1 arrested and 2 escaped (of whom 1 was caught later). Now if the encounter was fake, people like Digvijay want us to believe that the police killed only 2 of them, left 3 witnesses alive who would have testified against the encounter, arrested one and allowed 2 to escape and also killed their own M C Sharma and injured others! What a logic!

   Needlessly claiming the encounter to be fake and sticking to it even when the court gave its judgment is blatant violation of 153-A (infuriating a community needlessly).

7- Digivijay hinted at the then Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi as having links in the Bodh Gaya blasts in Bihar in July 2013, about which the IB had warned before- that Islamic radicals may attack Bodh Gaya in view of violence in Myanmar (between Muslims and Buddhists). Tweeting on the terror attack, Singh took a potshot at Modi, saying: “Amit Shah (BJP general secretary) promises a grand temple at Ayodhya. Modi addresses Bihar BJP workers and asks them to teach Nitish (Bihar CM) a lesson. Next day, bomb blasts at Mahabodhi Temple at Bodhgaya. Is there a connect? I don’t know.”  Notice how carefully Digvijay avoids making a direct allegation but simply uses enough words to say that there could be a Modi hand- what a ridiculous suggestion! Those blasts were of course carried out by Islamic radicals in light of the Muslim-Buddhist clashes in Myanmar.

8-  Digvijay lied again that Sanjiv Bhat of Gujarat is an ‘honest officer. The whole truth of this can be read in this article Myth 19The SIT appointed by the Supreme Court with known anti-Modi judges like Arijit Pasayat and Aftab Alam debunked the claim of Sanjiv Bhat that he was present in the 27 Feb meeting and blamed NGOs for forcibly trying to find something against Narendra Modi. This is a must read report of the SIT.

   The SIT report said that Sanjiv Bhat is a manipulator, a fraud, and was fully supported in this trick by Gujarat Congress leaders Arjun Modhvadhia, Shaktisinh Gohil, and activist Teesta Setalvad. The SIT called him a ‘manipulator’ in court. Why would Sanjiv Bhatt have taken 9 years to claim that he was present at that meeting if he really was? The SIT report also says that Bhat asked Rahul Sharma, an IPS officer to find out if Haren Pandya was present in that meeting or not, and to check his mobile records. If Bhat was present, why would he need to ask someone else to find out if Haren Pandya was present or not? And why did he ask him to check his (Bhat’s) mobile records? This shows that Bhat does not recollect his movements on the night of 27 Feb.
   For Digvijay Singh, such officers like Bhat are ‘honest and upright officers’. These are Digvijay’s methods to defame Narendra Modi- glorifying frauds. Also, Bhat was on leave from work for more than 60 days without any reason, without any explanation and did not respond to repeated notices and was finally suspended when he tried to become a ‘martyr’. Digvijay is guilty of encouraging officers to remain absent from work for days and not respond to notices and not give any reason, because he condemned the suspension. The Supreme Court also condemned Sanjiv Bhat and saw through his lies in October 2015, and said that Bhat was merely a pawn in the hands of rival political parties. Such a man was naturally called an ‘honest and upright officer’ by Digvijay Singh.

9- He claimed in August 2013 that the BJP will pay the fee of Rs 5 for the meeting of Narendra Modi in Hyderabad in August 2013 and claim the people paid it. What a lie and insult of the people who gave Rs 5 for the 2013 Uttarakhand flood victims and defamation of the party! 

10- Digvijay Singh said in an outrageous lie that Mahatma Gandhi had not advocated dissolution of the Congress post Independence and that this claim made by others like Narendra Modi is not true! This is another outrageous lie, and either massive ignorance of facts or blatant twisting of facts despite knowing the bitter truth that Gandhiji indeed said so.

Singh said there was no truth in Modi’s claim that after Independence Gandhi advocated that the Congress must be disbanded.

In the Tamil Nadu Assembly, once Congress MLAs also denied this fact. But the next day the then Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha stunned them by actually bringing Volume 90 of Mahatma Gandhi’s complete works and silenced them.




11- On April 18, 2013, he alleged that Modi had hired a PR firm. That is one of the most ridiculous charges, as the Gujarat Government’s PR work has been one of the biggest ever public relations disasters in human history, as the truth of the 2002 riots, and the projections by the media are totally different. Let Digvijay name the PR firm!

   Attacking Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi for his “false claims” about development of the state, Digvijaya accused him of hiring public relations companies to boost his image and to spread wrong facts about the state.

12 In July 2013 he said ‘RSS trains activists in making bombs’. The Sangh never does anything like this. With more than 40 lakh members, hardly anyone has ever been involved in making bombs. Anyone remotely associated with training camps of RSS will know what is taught in it- and ‘Making bombs’ is a ridiculous allegation. (For argument’s sake, if RSS does train 40 lakh members in making bombs, why his UPA Government could not ban RSS or as a minimum expose this, or arrest those giving such a training? 😀 He is thus accepting that his UPA Government was incapable of doing anything to stop bomb-making training to 40 lakh people!) Far from it, the RSS has been the biggest victim of terrorism, losing hundreds of cadres brutally murdered by Islamic, Christian and Communist radicals, not to mention the Congress in 1948, but it has silently suffered all killing without ever retaliating. Calling an overtolerant organisation like RSS which silently suffered without even indulging in self-defence a ‘terrorist organisation making bombs’ is blatantly false, inflammatory and defamatory.

     In reality, the Congress has had many of its members convicted for terrorism.

13- He alleged in August 2013 that the riots in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Kishtwar were caused by BJP. Evidence of this? None. What the reports of the biased media itself say is that all these riots were started by fanatics from the minority community. As usual, Digvijay is defending the guilty starters of the riots and blaming innocents who he wants to paint guilty.

   What needs to be remembered is that on 27 Feb 2002 occurred Godhra. On 28 Feb the situation was out of control and the Gujarat Government requested neighboring states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan to send additional police force. All states were ruled by the Congress and all refused to send, except Maharashtra which sent a paltry company of 260 jawans. Digvijay Singh, who was then Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh refused to send a single policeman. Obviously he wanted riots to occur in BJP-ruled Gujarat and not curb them soon so that he could target the BJP. Narendra Modi himself raised this issue and cornered Digvijay Singh on his face on this. 

 The riots in Gujarat were caused by the roasting of Hindus in Godhra. The Indian Express of 5 March  2002 reported on Godhra that Congress leaders are accused in Godhra: 

  • Mehmud Hussain Kalota, convener of the Congress district minority cell and president of the Godhra municipality
  • Salim Abdul Ghaffar Sheikh, president of the Panchmahal Youth Congress
  • Abdul Rehman Abdul Majid Ghantia, a known Congress worker
  • Farroukh Bhana, secretary of the district Congress committee
  • Haji Bilal, a known Congress worker
When 31 people were convicted for Godhra roasting, 2 Congress men were given LIFE IMPRISONMENT and 1 was given DEATH penalty out of the above 5. Abdul Rehman Abdul Majid Ghantia  and Farroukh Bhana have got life imprisonment and Haji Bilal has got death penalty – 3 out of these 5. http://www.rediff.com/news/report/the-men-convicted-for-godhra-carnage/20110222.htm No 2 , 3 and 15 in this list are the convicted Congress people.Since Digvijay’s party men instigated the violence in Gujarat by roasting Hindus in Godhra, he is making this allegation on the BJP. He of course, has no answer on his party men convicted for Godhra killings.

14- BJP leaders Amit Shah and Arun Jaitley released the xerox copies of the degrees of the PM Narendra Modi of BA and MA to the press in May 2016. Even after this, desperate people of AAP and Congress tried to spread lies to somehow show this degree as ‘fake’. Digvijay Singh tweeted lies from his official handle.


   He wrote: ” मोदी की MA डिग्री को लेकर एक और खुलासा ! जिस दिन मोदीजी को डिग्री मिलीथी उस दिन संडे था !! चारो तरफ सन्नाटा ! 13-March 1983 !! Anshu Mishra”

   This is an outrageous lie. The degree certificate clearly states the day as 30th (Thirtieth) March 1983 which was a Wednesday and not a Sunday. Thirtieth (30th) March was tried to be projected by Digvijay as Thirteenth (13th) March to lie that it was issued on a Sunday and by implication was fake! This is a serious criminal offense and blatant defamation of the nation’s Prime Minister.

    The Degree Certificate clearly says that it was conferred on THIRTIETH (30th) DAY OF MARCH 1983, A WEDNESDAY. Digvijay Singh claimed it as THIRTEENTH (13th) March 1983.

   No apology from Digvijay and no delete of tweet! This knowledge of Digvijay Singh, of thinking that Thirtieth March is 13 Marchwill make people question his own degree, and wonder if he cheated in his Engineering exams. 

15- In May 2016, Digvijay also tweeted a link to a fake / incomplete video of Narendra Modi. In the incomplete / distorted video, Narendra Modi was shown as saying that he is High School educated (As if he did not do BA and MA). But in the full original video, the next sentence he said was that after his schooling he did BA and MA.

 But Digvijay Singh tweeted a link to the incomplete / edited video and thus claimed that the PM is not a graduate or post-graduate. This resulted in a police complaint filed against him by the then Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena chief and now Delhi BJP spokesman Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga.

   No apology was given by Digvijay, but he quietly deleted his tweet!

   But later Digvijay again repeated this lie in June 2016 [even after the mainstream media had shown the whole interview of Modi in which he said that he did BA and MA after matriculation], and said publicly that “Modi once said that is only a matriculate and did not do BA and MA” despite Modi never saying so.

16- In the Vyapam Scam, the SIT appointed by and monitored by the courts stated to the High Court that documents submitted by Digvijay Singh as ‘evidence’ were forged, i.e. Digvijay submitted false evidence. The High Court accepted the SIT report.


17- Digvijay also tweeted a fake image to defame BJP and Gujarat CM Anandiben Patel and PM Narendra Modi in October 2015. He was exposed.


Digvijaya Singh has recently tweeted about Beef found in car of a BJP leader and was about to throw that near temple to create communal disturbance in Gujarat. Below is the details and his tweet.

Shame on Modi and his Protege Anandi Ben. This has been a standard modus operandi of BJP RSS combine pic.twitter.com/cL6KTs3OS8

— digvijaya singh (@digvijaya_28) October 26, 2015

Within minutes, we discovered that its doctored and really old image posted by Congress Leader to defame and create communal tension. Below are the points proving the information to be fake.

  • The same image was posted by website and FB page called Truth of Gujarat on 30th March 2014 to create chaos before LS elections 2014. Below is the pic. Please compare the images to know the truth. Here is the complete post


  • The old image is posted by a Amar Padda, who claims himself CEO of Tehelka Group and lives in Toronto Canada as per his FB Profile. Here is the POST done on Oct 24th. Visit his FB profile to find his TL filled with fake news and photo shopped images against Indian Govt.
  • The car is Maruti Suzuki Esteem is the car in Pic, which looks in pretty new condition. Ones, who use and know about cars in India can guess, how old this pic might be of.
  • We found another pic in his reply, which has pic of same car with congress symbol So Person like Digvijaya should have verified and confirmed it before posting in twitter since it can create communal riots.
@digvijaya_28 shame on you digg sharing just a pic & blaming without a proof. C the car is now a congress leader car pic.twitter.com/bGpfdpcxZ5

— हनुमान भक्त कार्तिक (@hulkfromindia) October 26, 2015

18- Also, this man’s idiocy must be exposed immediately. In 2003 when he was staring at defeat in Madhya Pradesh in the December Assembly elections, he was over-confident of victory and declared that if he lost, he would not contest elections for the next 10 years and work for his party.

Sadly for him, he lost and lost badly. The problem for him is that now he cannot hold a Ministrial position in the UPA Government (such as Home Minister, Finance Minister etc which he could have easily got otherwise) from 2003 December to December 2013, which is all but the 10 years of UPA I and II. He declared even later – in 2009 and 2010 that he would not contest the 2009 Lok Sabha polls nor hold a Ministry in the Government because of his promise of 2003. Sadly, the last part of his promise has gone unnoticed.

See the last sentence of the report of the above link. “Singh has already announced his decision not to hold ANY POST IN THE PARTY FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS.” Despite this, he has been the Congress General Secretary for the past many years. He has kept his promise of not contesting elections and not holding Government posts, but has violated it by holding a party post, that too a powerful post of General Secretary.

See 2nd paragraph last line of this link. “He WOULD NOT HOLD ANY POST nor would he contest any election in the next 10 years”.

So, after December 2013 he must have had to be in the reckoning for a plump post, as he was out of favour with Madam Sonia Gandhi for playing the soft Hindutva card in 2003- and also because of the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind”. He therefore had to stay in the limelight creating controversy. His idiotic promise of 2003 did him tremendous harm. He has called a respectable saint like Baba Ramdev as a ‘Thug’. (What else to expect from a leader of a party which called Atal Bihari Vajpayee a ‘traitor’ in September 1999, Advani a ‘Pakistani’, Anna Hazare as ‘corrupt from tip to toe’ and other things, a few of which can be seen here) In reality, it is not Yoga Gurus like Baba Ramdev or people like Anna Hazare who are thugs or dishonest, but Digvijay Singh himself who has violated his word of not holding any PARTY POST by holding the General Secretary post.

    Unfortunately, public memory is very short. It needs to be remembered that as Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, this man had done absolutely nothing in his 10 years from 1993 to 2003 and roads were poor, there was terrible power crisis etc. After BJP winning the Gujarat December 2002 elections on the Hindutva plank, this man tried his best to play the soft Hindutva card in late 2003 to avert a certain defeat. That he failed miserably in it and his party got a mere 38 seats out of 230 with BJP winning 173 is a different matter altogether. Some of Digvijay’s statements of 2003 are being re produced here.

He said in January 2003 that the Congress is not against Ram temple in Ayodhya.

   After this, on Aaj Tak’s Seedhi Baat Prabhu Chawla grilled him on this and he said that Ram temple should be built on the undisputed site.

     Digviajy Singh also was reported to have written to the Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2003 to bring a nationwide ban on cow slaughter. When he was grilled on this, he denied this and claimed that one organisation which was in favour of cow slaughter ban wrote to him, the memorandum he simply forwarded to the Prime Minister.
After this, in 2003 Digvijay Singh visited many temples, sought blessings of many saints, did many Havanas and Yagnyas, in all tried in vain to play the soft Hindutva card. All these facts must now be immediately brought back in public memory. Like Digvijay had got the tag of “Soft-Hindutva” for himself in 2003, that tag must immediately come back to him. He should be asked to explain his statement on Cow slaughter ban where he favoured a nationwide ban on cow slaughter (but his party’s members tore the proposed bill in August 2003 when it was proposed in Parliament, along with then NDA allies like DMK). He must also be immediately cornered on this 6 January 2003 statement saying CONGRESS (not he) favors Ram temple in Ayodhya, and his later interview to Aaj Tak in which he said Ram temple should be built on the undisputed site.
All these facts raised in public will hugely embarrass the former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, who is not a pseudo-secularist but a rank opportunist, playing the soft Hindutva card when it suits him, and the pro-Islamic policy at other times.
 His opportunism and changing colours must be immediately exposed. And on ‘Hindu’ terrorism, his own party’s record must be immediately brought out in public, (like former Congress Minister of Gujarat Mohammad Surti who was convicted for 1993 Surat bomb blasts and given 20 years jail on 4 October 2008) and he and Rahul Gandhi must be dared to open their mouths on the Congress’ terror links as well as the Congress’ alliance with Muslim League, Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagham (TNMMK)- a party involved in the 1998 Coimbatore blasts and the MIM in Andhra Pradesh-which vowed to behead Taslima Nasreen.

by M D Deshpande