Director of Missionary home in TN, booked under Posco for abusing young girls

Tamil Nadu police has booked 65-year-old Luban Kumar, the director of Mercy Adaikalapuram Missionary home for sexually abusing young girls. Kumar, along with his wife and brother have been booked under Posco act, after it was found that the girls living in the missionary home were being abused by the trio.

The entire matter came into light, when two weeks back, Tiruvannamalai district collector KS Kandasamy visited the home after receiving an information that it was violating several rules and regulations of the government.

Upon reaching the missionary home, he found that the girls were living in unhealthy conditions. “The bathrooms there did not have doors despite so many young girls from the age of five to 22 staying there. In addition to this they were all made to change in one common hall. There was no semblance of privacy for the children. In addition to this, they were being supervised by a male security guard. So, I wanted to take action fast,” he reveals.

Without making any delay, KS Kandasamy shifted 50 girls from the house to a government facility. However, the real shock was yet to be delivered. A few days later, the warden of the government facility, called the collector to inform, that a few out of those girls who had been brought there from missionary house, wanted to talk to him.

When Kandasamy visited, the girls narrated horrific accounts of sexual abuse in the missionary home. They made several serious allegations against, Luban Kumar, his brother and wife. “Luban Kumar had purposely removed the doors of all the bathroom stalls where the girls bathed. His room was attached to this bathroom and he would open a window to see the girls showering. In addition to this he had set up a CCTV camera in the hall where they changed and would watch from his room,” Collector Kandasamy said.

“In addition to this, these girls were made to go to his room to give him ‘massages,’ where he sexually abused them,” he added.

When the girls complained to Luban’s wife, they were allegedly beaten up by his brother, Justin.

“The girls were desperate and had nobody to go to. They were specifically targeted because they have no parents. When one girl went back and told her grandmother, she was told to adjust till her education was complete,” the Collector revealed. The girls were further made to do the household chores for the family, including scrubbing toilets, cooking and cleaning.

Following this, collector Kandasamy ordered police action against the house and its administrators.