A Disabled Army Officer Rips Apart Congress on “Politics Over Army” remark

Congress has always not given free hand to our soldiers and let them die from hands of either Pakistani Army, or ISI or Jihadi Terrorists. They choose to remain quite even after 26/11, when Kasab and 10 deadly terrorists from Pakistan destroyed Mumbai.

They even could have blamed 26/11 as a Saffron terror but to brave efforts of Tukaram Ombale, who caught Jihadi Kasab alive and Congress were forced to name Pakistan and their appeasing community Islam for Mumbai Attacks.

Off late, when Patriotic NDA government conducted Surgical Strike on Terror hideouts in Pakistan to avenge URI attacks, suddenly these Congress Leaders are saying, Dont politicize army. At one end, when they were ruling, did nothing and not even gave free hand to Army to protect themselves, forget India and now, when Army is in right track, they are against Government taking credits.

Here is a disabled Army Man DP Singh ripping apart and exposing congress on what they have done to Army and destroyed Morale, when mute Manmohan Singh under orders of Antonia Maino was ruling India.


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