Divisive Politics of the congress is the new tool to capture power in 2019

After the massive victory of BJP in 2014 General elections, Congress party which is weakening its power day by day. BJP which had only 4 states in 2014, now holding 14 states on its own and 5 as a coalition partner had made congress to worry about its future, because it is having only one big state Karnataka under its rule and this 2018 will be witnessing elections of 8 major states mostly BJP holds stake. Congress weaken policies and poor functionaries they cannot dream to capture power in 2019. To get back those they are trying to use the age old formula called “Divisive Politics”

Divisive politics is not new to India as Britishers followed the system of “Divide and Rule”, under this they have divided north India on basis of Religion, south on basis of caste. As congress being a party started by Britishers, we cannot expect them with Indic ideas. Rahul Gandhi being a new leader of the age old party started his innings with two consecutive losses, is facing survival issue in many states.

Right from Nehru, it is not new for congress to divide people of this country may it be the division of states on the basis on language, promulgation of Emergency, appeasement of minorities especially landmark Shah Bano case and recent triple talaq where the party took two different stand in both the houses of Parliament.

Congress being a party which is named for appeasing minorities, went up to the level of misusing its absolute majority to please the fundamentalists by passing Muslim Women Bill, 1986 which rejects the “liability” of husband to pay the maintenance cost of the divorced wife. To neutralise this, Rajiv allowed devotes to worship Ram Lala in Ram Janma Bhoomi. Their idea is just to seek votes and they nothing to develop the nation out of their 55 years of rule. In short they have utilised people for mere vote bank politics.

The Course of Direction of congress changed after the massive victory of BJP in 2014, consecutive loss made them to use the same old formula. First they divided Hindus and Muslims and helped Christians to the core by supporting Conversions and allowed NGO’s to get more foreign aid to shake the sovereign of the nation. Best example is Khandamal Violence where the then PM Manmohan Singh called it as Shame. Pope of that time condemned the violence, but who is he to comment on internal polity of India? Whether the ruling government raised concern over this?

Congress was well aware that BJP is winning because of consolidation of Hindu votes. So, first they divided on basis of religion, now they turned to create internal mutiny among Hindus. First they spoiled the peace in Haryana by indirectly supporting Jats towards special status and Reservation. Law and order in Haryana broke out for 10-12 days and divided Jats, with rest of the state. This protest fumed even in Rajasthan and made their respective governments to provide reservation to this community.

After seeing the agitations of Jats in Haryana, Rajput’s demand the same reservation which they claim unmet for decades. When some castes want them to remove the OBC status, well settled Rajput’s claiming government to give OBC Status.

The case of Lingayat Community in Karnataka which is peculiar and they want a separate religion called “Lingayat” as they claim that they were not part of Hinduism. Lingayat Community is one of the main supporters of BJP in Karnataka. The division of Lingayat can help Congress to gain back Karnataka. Not only to Karnataka, it is a serious threat to whole Hinduism. While it advocates all castes are under one roof, one is claiming to bifurcate the whole system need tremendous work from BJP to reclaim their votes.

The most hyped agitation, Hardik Patel, a Patel youth lead protest turned violence became a headache to ruling BJP. The demands of Patel, Rajput, Jats are one and the same and all were raising same issues of reservation and OBC Status. Apart from Patel community, congress poured some more oil to Takur community under the banner of Alpesh Takur. Jignesh Mewani who led the Dalit Agitation in Gujarat was on limelight because of election. Congress played its own dirty politics to capture power in Gujarat. Result is different but the motive of congress that destructs the communal Harmony.

The latest to add in caste based agitation is Srijan Community in Maharashtra, it was on the same lines of Marathas agitation which was held in last year to claim reservation. A rally by Srijan’s to mark the200th year victory of British Army’s Mahar Regiment over Peshawa Army on 1ST January at Bhima-Koregaon in Pune district. This function was called to ascertain Dalit identity. Unfortunately, this incident has turned as a battle between Marathas and Srijan. Jignesh Mewani, a new leader of Srijan from Gujarat and few fringe leaders were booked for the violence which broke out aftermath of that function. We all know it is congress party which is behind Jignesh Mewani.

The matter is simple, congress will do whatever it wants. Their aim is to capture power. These disruptions indirectly attack BJP and its government. A last they may succeed by polarising these castes votes like what it did in Gujarat. For Central government 2018 is crucial because it is going for mandate in first quarter of 2019. Probably this may be the year of popularising their schemes to recapture the power with high target which is more than that of 2014. To have a peaceful year Home Ministry should be vigilant, it has to act on the basis of reports received from intelligence unit. Home Ministry along with state government has to broke maligned idea of opposition at the beginning itself. So that it will lead them to score among masses which will be a base for 2019. If they failed to act they have to travel in rocky road in the upcoming general Elections.

The divisive politics of congress pose an open threat to Hinduism, the caste system which was actually meant for was understood and used for wrong purpose. It is the duty of each and every Hindu to maintain decorum inside our society by not seeing discrimination among castes. It’s time for unity, Mutts, ashrams have to come under in one umbrella to protect our Santana Dharma from alien forces.