Divya Spandana tweets a photo-shopped image

Actor-turned-politician Divya Spandana also popularly known as Ramya has been in news for quite a while. With a few days left for Karnataka to go to polls, both ruling Congress and opposition BJP have entered a high-pitched battle on the ground and on social media.

In past Divya Spandana has been preaching other parties not to propagate fake news especially in Social Media. Hitting out at PM Modi the former Congress MP from Karnataka’s Mandya tweeted, “Why do they need social media platforms to spread fake news when they have the PM to do it, right?”

In an interview to DNA, Divya had suggested that fake news is a problem but people in-charge of big social media platforms are politically aligned which makes it difficult to contain rough edges of social media. Yesterday Divya Spandana tweeted a morphed image of a BJP advertisement in ‘The Hindu’ to defame the party in Karnataka.

Unfortunately not many on Twitter could see any kind of sarcasm in this tweet, thus the tweet was clearly seen as an agenda to spread fake news. Twitter user were quick to expose the IT head of Congress on her particular tweet.

Last month, Ramya Divyaspandana’s mother had raised the banner of revolt against the party ahead of the state Assembly election. Ramya’s mother Ranjitha had demanded an assembly ticket for herself from Mandya constituency and a suitable party post for her daughter. She had warned the party that she will contest as an independent if the ticket is not given to her.